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A dictionary of the universal language of #LolSpeak

A dictionary of words, abbreviations and mutterings that constitute the universal language of #LolSpeak. Learn them now – at your own risk!

brunch Updated: May 16, 2015 16:31 IST
Satarupa Paul
Satarupa Paul
Hindustan Times

A dictionary of words, abbreviations and mutterings that constitute the universal language of #LolSpeak. Learn them now – at your own risk!

A: Amazeballs
Adjective/noun/adjective disguised as a noun; way too amazing
Not to be confused with balls of any kind.
Origin: Fashion blogger Elizabeth Spiridakis first used the word on her blog, her best friend came up with it because adding balls to any word was “pretty standard”. Last year, it made it to the Oxford Dictionary!
Usage: That pie looks amazeballs!

B: Bae
Noun; an affectionate term used by slangsters too lazy to say baby or babe, for one’s beloved. It has also evolved to mean something cool.
Usage: Oh, bae! You look so bae! Cray

Adjective; crazy. Perfect intonation: high-pitched, with a nasal twang.

Origin: First appeared in the song Ni**as in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Apparently, it wasn’t a short form of crazy but a reference to the schizophrenic twins Ronald and Reginald Kray, English gangsters popularly known as the Kray twins in the 1950s-60s.

Usage: Lady Gaga? SO cray!

D: Derp
Noun/exclamation; anything foolish or stupid. Best used when a smart person says something silly.
Pointless trivia: It originated in the 1998 as an alteration of duh, in the animated sitcom South Park.
Usage: Of course Fifty Shades of Grey was self-published. Derp!

E: Epic Fail
the highest form of failure.
Usage: The IPL is one epic fail.

F: Fleek
Unknown; on point, perfect. Often used for perfect eyebrows.
Origin: In June 2014, a Vine user called Peaches Monroe uploaded a loop containing the phrase, ‘eyebrows on fleek’. And voila, another slang was born.
Usage: My sandwich is on fleek.

G: Geez
Exclamation; to express sadness or joy or surprise or annoyance or geez, just about any emotion. A misspelt variation of jeez.
Usage: Geez, stop talking!

Abbreviation; for Hit Me Up used to tell someone to text or call you.
Usage: I’ve no plans tonight. Someone HMU.

I: I Can’t Even
Phrase; a state of speechlessness.
Usage: If I had a penny for every time you say “I can’t even”, I’d be so rich, I can’t even.

Abbreviation; stands for Just Fu***ng Google It. Do this before asking any question.
Usage: @PranavDixit: Who is Virat Kohli? @HTBrunch: JFGI (Happened for real. I swear.)

K: K
Abbreviation; a very annoying way of saying “Okay”.
A: The movie starts at 9.
B: K
A: Wow, you saved yourself from typing three whole letters.
B: K

Abbreviation; for Long Distance Relationship.
Usage: The only way to survive an LDR is to break up.

M: Meh
Adjective; Unexceptional, the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders.
Origin: Some feel that the term is probably Yiddish, a 1936 song uses it as the sound of a goat bleating.
Usage:Reporters, that show on TV about reporters is so meh.

N: Noob
Noun; a newbie, someone who is inexperienced.
Origin: Presumably, from the character Noob Saibot in the video game Mortal Kombat II, named after one of the game creators, Tobias Boon spelt backward. It was used on Internet gaming forums to insult a newcomer.
Usage: Why don’t you use Adblock on Youtube, you noob!?

O: Oh, Snap!
Exclamatory phrase; an indication of surprise or misfortune. Tracy Morgan, a Saturday Night Live comedian popularised it. “Aw Snap” appears as an error message when Google Chrome crashes.
Usage: Oh, Snap! My bank balance is Rs 72 and it’s a week till payday.

P: Patootie
Noun; the dated meaning is “a girlfriend or a pretty girl.” Now used as an endearment for someone’s behind. Preface it with cute, and it becomes the cutest word to describe someone cute.
Usage: This week of Production at Brunch is a pain in my patootie!
Did you see that litter of pups near office? Such cutie patooties!

Abbreviation; for Quote of the Day
Usage: “<3. You think that looks like a heart? If you do, that’s only because you’ve never seen scrotum.” ~ David Levithan. #QOTD Rekt

Acronym; short for Wrecked, particularly useful when you’re unsure of how to spell.

Usage: I am down a bottle of Old Monk. I am so rekt.

S: Squee
Exclamation/verb; to squeal in delight or excitement.
Origin: Apparently, first used in comic books as the sound-effect word made by dying robots.
Usage: The last episode of Mad Men in a few hours!! Squee!!!

T: Totes Ma Goats
Verb; another word for totally, but denotes more excitement.
A: Pizza for dinner?
B: Totes ma goats. U Mad Bro?

Phrase; used to drive a mad, angry bro even madder.

Usage: You say the Apple watch is cool. U mad bro?

Abbreviation; for very funny.
Usage: Best joke. VF. LOL.

W: Woot
Exclamation; an expression of celebration.
Usage: Ooh! All day happy hours, woot woot!

Abbreviation; for hugs and kisses.
Usage: See you tomorrow! XOXO.

Acronym; stands for You Only Live Once. The Twitter-verse’s version of carpe diem.
Usage: Eat, drink, sleep, sleep around. YOLO.

Z: Zonked
Adjective; to be exhausted.
Usage: Trying to learn the language of the “in” generation through this dictionary. Gawd, I’m zonked!

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First Published: May 16, 2015 15:35 IST