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Combining alcohol and meds can land you in the hospital

On meds? Stick to the soft stuff. Here’s why

brunch Updated: Mar 04, 2017 22:40 IST
alcohol and meds,painkillers and alcohol,antibiotics and alcohol
Painkillers must never be mixed with alcohol as they can erode and break the lining of the stomach(iStock)

Alcohol consumption has become a big part of our lifestyle and so has the consumption of medicines. But this combination of alcohol and meds has serious potential of landing you in a hospital.

If you are on any of these medicines, stick to mocktails, soft drinks and water till the course is over.

1. Painkillers

Painkillers must never be mixed with alcohol because they may erode and break the lining of the stomach, resulting in gastric bleeding.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics work on viruses and bacteria via chemical reactions. Alcohol here makes the intestines and stomach acidic, causing vomiting, and stomach and liver problems.

3. Sleep medicines

Sleeping pills can interact with alcohol and react, causing disturbed sleep, tiredness and dullness.

4. Meds for cough and cold

Combined with alcohol, these medicines can cause an alcohol overdose because many of them contain lots of alcohol. The depressants used in cough meds can also react with alcohol.

5. Cholesterol management meds

When alcohol is combined with cholesterol control meds, some of the enzymes can cross-react, leading to a compromised liver.

6. Blood thinners, heart and blood pressure medications

Combined with alcohol, these can result in excessive bleeding that could even be fatal.

7. Diarrhoea medicines

Mixing antidiarrhoeals and alcohol can result in an upset stomach.

8. Arthritis medication

Alcohol consumed while on meds for arthritis can lead to bleeding and ulcers.

From HT Brunch, March 5, 2017

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First Published: Mar 04, 2017 22:40 IST