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How these comics pull off when the joke’s on them

5 comedians share one joke they often crack on themselves!

brunch Updated: Jul 12, 2020 09:33 IST
Rupali Dean
Rupali Dean
These five comics share one joke they crack on themselves
These five comics share one joke they crack on themselves

Gurpreet Ghuggi
Not even a good bathroom singer


“When one is struggling, one doesn’t mind taking on any role. For some strange reason, I thought I was a rock star and took on an assignment. When I started singing on stage, an old man got up with a lathi, I got scared and told him: ‘Please don’t hit me, I am not that bad a singer...’ Uncle said: ‘Well, I am not going to hit you but the organiser who got you here!’ Needless to say, I knew I am the most disharmonious singer in the world.”

Papa CJ
Jokes over juggling


“When I started doing stand-up comedy, I was debating between doing it and going for a bartending course. But the bartending course that I looked at only taught us how to mix the drinks. It didn’t teach us how to juggle the glasses. I remember thinking to myself, if I can’t juggle the glasses, I’m never going to get laid. That’s why I became a stand-up comic. And that was 15 years ago. And, in the last 15 years I can’t tell you how many times… how many times I wish I had taken that bartending course!” 

Ssumier Pasricha
Pammi Aunty’s lips


“You see as Pammi Aunty I am a gossiper, and every now and then in her stupid talks, I make fun of myself all the time. So, the most famous one is of my lips. My friends say, my lips enter a room first, then I do and I can never get enough of talking about the same in more ways than one.”

Aayushi Jagad
Happily unmarried


“When people ask me if I am seeing someone, I never know how to explain it. So now it’s July, yes, well... Let me just count, Jan 2019, Feb, March, yep! I’ve been single for... 28 years. Because it’s not that I have a problem, I love ‘love’. It’s just that love doesn’t love me.”

Urooj Ashfaq
Being the eye-candy


“My REM cycle brings all the boys to the yard, because it’s all in my dream”.


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