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Meet American TV’s most badass anti-heroines

Because beside every memorable anti-hero on TV is a woman standing resolutely by him

brunch Updated: Sep 12, 2016 18:32 IST
Narcos,Breaking Bad,The Sopranos

Sure, you may have already binge-watched by now, the entire second season of the riveting crime drama series Narcos that dropped on Netflix early this month. And sure, you’ve been amazed, thrilled, unsettled, and piqued yet again by Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord on whose life the show is based. Our awe for and indignation of this anti-hero may be unanimous and in equal measures, as it has been with several other such great characters in American shows before.

But have you ever observed that beside every such memorable anti-hero on TV is a woman standing resolutely by him, through his misdeeds, mess ups, many lows and occasional highs. The women, mostly the wives, may seem typical of the times and places their roles are set in – compliant, conforming, nurturing, supportive, “ideal” even, and always loving their men almost to a fault. But look closer and often they turn out to be as badass as the male protagonists. Here are our favourite anti-heroines on American TV. Be warned!

Carmela Soprano, The Sopranos

Wife of mafia boss Anthony Soprano in what is unarguably one the greatest crime drama shows of all times. A homemaker who busies herself raising her two children, running a mansion, doing luncheons with the spouses of other gangsters, and indulging in religion. Loves her family deeply and stands by her husband through his mood swings, dubious businesses and extra marital affairs! But under the mellow surface, Carmela Soprano is all cold steel when it comes to protecting her family from the FBI, the society or even from each other. Anthony may own New Jersey, but it is Carmela who ultimately owns Anthony. Y’all better know it, and know it good!

Skylar White, Breaking Bad

Wife of chemistry teacher-turned-crystal meth maker-turned-cold manipulative criminal mastermind, Walter White in the genius AMC series. Cares intensely for her husband, so much so that when he reveals his involvement in the meth business, Skylar ends up aiding him in laundering his illicit funds. But threaten the safety of her children, and no one is spared – not even her own husband! Skylar White was a character so powerfully portrayed, that she was at times more hated than even Walter. But at the end of it all, despite all the sh*t that hit her life, she still let Walter say a final goodbye to his daughter. Talk of pure grace.

Claire Underwood, House of Cards

First Lady of the United States as wife to President Frank Underwood, and the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party in the Netflix political drama. If there ever was one character that could match the might of mind, power, cunning and stone-cold heart of the Machiavellian sociopath that is Frank Underwood, it’d only and only be his wife, Claire. From supporting her husband through conniving schemes and even murders to charting the course of her own life, Claire is a force that you better not mess with. Sample this fantastic exchange of dialogues:

Frank: “I should’ve never made you Ambassador.” Claire: “I should’ve never made you President.” *walks out*.

And we bow down!

Tata Escobar, Narcos

Wife of Columbian drug lord and the most wanted criminal in the world, Pablo Escobar in the Netflix crime drama. Devoted to her family and believing with blind faith, that Pablo will do the best for them. She never questions his doings, never doubts his assurances… until she’s forced to the point where she has to choose between her children and beloved husband. We couldn’t possibly have had this list without an honorary mention at least of Tata Escobar, sweet, beautiful, loving wife and mother – who stands unnervingly by her husband through police raids, shellings and late night escapes. #RelationshipGoals