(Fur Ball Story)
(Fur Ball Story)

Now in your office: Therapy dogs to help you beat stress

Offices are now getting therapy dogs to help stressed out employees feel better!
Hindustan Times | By Aanchal Tuli
UPDATED ON MAY 06, 2017 09:51 PM IST

In January this year, Kiran Bisht, senior associate HR at Nagarro India, organised their most successful team building activity. The stars of this stress buster session weren’t singers, dancers or comedians, but three adorable pooches who’d been invited to cheer up the employees of the Gurgaon-based office. “We host routine motivation-building sessions in office but never did we get a response like the time we got three adorable dogs to the office floor. Our employees refused to leave even after playing with the dogs for over five hours, me included!”

Getting therapy dogs to office spaces has been made possible thanks to the work of three animal lovers, Animesh Katiar, Srishti Sharma and Arushi Dixit, the founders of the Fur Ball Story. The group have two therapy dogs, Muffin, a Labrador, and Angel, a golden retriever, along with a cute shitzu Cocoa. Srishti explains, “Angel and Muffin are the friendliest dogs you’ll ever find because they’ve received the highest form of obedience and therapy training. They don’t bark or bite and let a person pet them without any sort of resistance. So even if a person has never interacted with a dog before, they can meet them without fear.”

PET WELL SOON: Muffin, Cocoa and Angel cheer up stressed out employees at work places around the capital (Fur Ball Story)
PET WELL SOON: Muffin, Cocoa and Angel cheer up stressed out employees at work places around the capital (Fur Ball Story)

These adorable pooches have already cheered up the stressed out employees at Make My Trip, Cars24, Sequoia Capital, SoDelhi, ScoopWhoop and more. Aanchal Kalra, who interacted with the dogs personally, summed up the experience for us and said, “I’ve dealt with clinical depression most of my adult life but when I’m interacting with the dogs, I forget all of that. They’re so selfless and make you feel better about everything in your life. I’m my most calm self when I play with the pooches and I think that’s something every stressed out person of 2017 should experience that.”

Time to chat with your HR, maybe?

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