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Personal Agenda: Akshay Kumar

So you thought you knew him? From his fears to his thrills, here's stuff you never heard about India's no. 1 Khiladi Akshay Kumar.

brunch Updated: Mar 24, 2012 21:04 IST
Rupali Dean
Rupali Dean
Hindustan Times
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So you thought you knew him? Well, here's stuff you never heard about India's no. 1 Khiladi Akshay Kumar.

The last line of your autobiography would read...

‘Why are you wasting time reading about my life when you should be out there living your own?’ Or, on second thoughts, it would be, ‘No matter how carefully we chose our words, they’ll end up being twisted by others. So read carefully.’

Rowdy RathoreHow would you explain Twitter to your grandmother?

Grandma, don’t worry, Twitter has nothing to do with birds.

The one place where you would never get yourself tattooed?

Where the sun doesn’t shine!!!

One song that describes your current state of mind?

Not Afraid by Eminem. The greatest living rapper.

What would we find in your fridge right now?

Crates of Thums Up of course.

If a spaceship landed in your backyard, what would you do?

Obviously, hijack it. After I crash land it, I would sell it on eBay at a knockdown price.

The most clichéd answer you’ve ever given in an interview?

Journalists ask me all the time, "Akshay, do you believe in the numbers game?" My standard response: "I can’t count, that’s why I have producers and accountants who calculate for me. As long as I have them in my life, I don’t need to worry about numbers!"

Your most irrational fear?

There’s absolutely nothing irrational about me, insane yes, irrational no. But my dumbest fear would be spinning in the magic tea cups. Who the hell wants to pay to spin around like a bent yoyo for laughs?

The one lie you got away with?

I once told someone I could act. They totally bought it. I’ve been getting away with it ever since.

Akshay Kumar

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve given your wife?

A son more beautiful than myself. Or, it could be the Bentley, but I think it’s a handsome son. I am telling you I don’t think I am ever going to be able to figure this one out.

How many pairs of blue jeans do you have?
Before or after I became the brand ambassador for blue jeans in India? Maybe, some 25 pairs

Where did you spend last summer?
Dubai and Goa. I know I am lucky but it was a well deserved break

If you were an ice-cream, what flavour would you be?
Mint chocolate chip. Like me, it is fresh on the outside but crunchy once you bite into it

Sun sign
September 9
Schooling from Don Bosco, Delhi and graduation from Khalsa College, Delhi
Place of birth
First break
I could break bricks with my hands when I was 12
High point
of your life
When my son Aarav said he wanted to fight just like me!
Low point of your life
The day I realised I had to live the rest of my life without my father by my side
Currently doing
Shooting for Rowdy Rathore. Just finished
running a quiz for my fans (on questions that I am sick of being asked by everyone) on Twitter

From HT Brunch, March 25

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First Published: Mar 24, 2012 20:36 IST