Readers' Special edition 1: An issue for you, by you
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Readers' Special edition 1: An issue for you, by you

Readers' Special edition 1: An issue for you, by you

brunch Updated: Feb 23, 2015 18:39 IST
Hindustan Times

Making of the issue
At Brunch, the reader is always king. It's finally here: an issue for you, by you.
This is the most special issue of Brunch ever. For the first time in nine years (that’s exactly how long it’s been – Happy Anniversary to us!), we present: The Brunch Readers’ Special. We just put together the articles you wrote. How, you ask? Here are a few...... excerpts from the Brunch diary (2013)

Jan 7: “Send us ideas,” tweets @HTBrunch.

Jan 9: We shortlist ideas you sent:
American TV shows versus Indian soaps
Holidaying with your friends vs holidaying with your family
How I got over a really bad break-up.
Are we obsessed with celebrities?
India’s offbeat /underrated travel destinations,
10 things that are wrong with Indian TV today
Have we become more adventurous with food today as compared to 20 years ago?
Why we love books n Why are our online identities so different from our real ones?
The deadline: January 20.
Word limit: 750 words.

Jan 10-19: We reply to tweets, Facebook messages, emails. “It doesn’t have to be exactly 750 words – 758 will do.” “Sorry, you can’t write about terrorism.” Hundreds of articles begin pouring in. We start reading.

Jan 21: Finally, finally, we manage the impossible task of shortlisting the pieces. There’s a folder on our server called “Feb 3/ Readers Spl/ To consider”, with 53 word documents – articles we really liked. We begin to do our final list. Oh, it’s tough!

Jan 22 : We call the lucky readers and arrange photoshoots. We interview them. One screams, “Really? I don’t believe it!”, “Umm... can you call in half an hour? I’m yet to digest the fact that I’ve been selected!”. We fall in love with our readers. They love Brunch, we love Brunch. Everybody’s happy.

Jan 24: We design a template (all pages need to look similar yet different in a special).

Jan 25-29:

We make all the pages, cut the copy to fit the page, put in captions. At some godforsaken hour, in the middle of the night, on Tuesday, the magazine goes to bed. And so do we!

(Click on the headings to read the individual stories)

The privileged world of readers

Sushrut Desai

Don’t scorn at those who read Twilight just because you’ve read Ulysses

Thank god for the printing press!

Sanjay Chopra

Reading makes immigrants out of us, it takes us away from our comfort zones Many people predicted the demise of books. It hasn’t happened yet

Bheja fry, anyone?
Charis Bhagianathan
Over the last two decades, we have become far more experimental with food because the world has shrunk

Into the world of words
Neha Karnani
If you are a bookworm, you can’t help but let everyone know about it.

Tripping on solo
Salil Jayakar
Holidaying with parents has hardly ever been an option. But going on a vacation with friends can be quite daunting too

Watch at your own risk
Mitia Nath
Painfully slow, truly unbelievable, didactic (for the wrong reasons) – TV was never this bad!

Survive this and thrive
Paarul Chand
Blue nail polish, coffee, lots of work. That’s what helped in getting over a break up, and falling in love with Mumbai again

Did you know...
Siddharth Prasad
Books are used to decorate interiors, they’re also sure-shot cures for insomnia. Here are a few other off-beat reasons why they rock!

Wired in a wireless world
In a chat room, you can pretend to be fighter, philosopher and music buff at the same time

This story was originally published on February 3, 2013

From HT Brunch, February 23
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First Published: Feb 23, 2015 17:17 IST