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The big fat lie

Fat. You don’t want an ounce of it on your body. So you won’t put an ounce in your system. Right? Wrong! You need fats. But you need the good ones. Which is which? Find out here.

brunch Updated: May 04, 2013 18:16 IST
Kavita Devgan
Kavita Devgan
Hindustan Times

Tell me a little bit about yourself I’m watching what I eat and have completely removed fats from my diet. Fat delivers ______ calories per gram, and that’s just too much. Removing fat helps keep my calorie intake in check.

Who told you to do this?
Everyone knows this. I read it on the Internet too.

Well, you read wrong. While it is true that fats are a high source of calories, they cannot, and should not be totally removed from your diet. Some fats are absolutely essential. So you must consume just ‘that’ bit. Say _____________ teaspoons per day.

How will I know which fats to pick?

It’s simple. All fats are made up of three basic types of fatty acids: saturated, unsaturated and transfats. Give up bad fats like __________. These are found in deep-fried foods, margarine and commercially baked products like doughnuts and potato chips.

Another kind of fat that you must avoid is ___________. These are found in meat, cheese, butter, cream and hydrogenated oils (like coconut). Increase your consumption of good fats like _____________, found in nuts, seeds, and oils like olive and canola.

Wait. There can’t be good health without fats? Will anything fatty do the trick?
No. You have to choose wisely.

Bad fats increase the bad __________ in the body and also raise the risk of heart and other diseases. Good fats do the opposite.

But what if I don’t want to?
That’s not an option! Fats provide essential fatty acids (which are not made by the body) and are crucial for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like__________ . They also help to insulate the body, and cut cravings by increasing satiety. Fats are a major component of hormones, and also help in the production of the happiness hormone, _____________.

Really! Is it that simple?
Yes, it is that simple. Choose good over bad and unsaturated over saturated, and you’ll be fine. Unsaturated fats further are of two kinds: _________ and ___________ . Cook in oil that has higher quantities of MUFA because it is _____________ healthy.

Which oil is a good source of MUFA?
___________is a fantastic source of MUFA, making it the perfect oil for your heart’s health. The ________ acid in it works at reducing bad cholesterol in the body, hinders the oxidation of bad cholesterol into its artery-clogging form, and even helps lower ____________ .

So I can buy any olive oil?
_________ olive oil, which comes from the first cold press of the olives, is the best. It has four power fighters, monounsaturated fatty acids, polyusaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. Plus it is chemical - and solvents-free. Experts recommend consuming at least ________ tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin and unrefined) per day to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Thank you so much doctor!

1. 9 calories

2. 3-4 tsp

3. A, D, E and K; endorphins

4. Transfats; saturated fats; unsaturated fats

5. Cholesterol

6. Monosaturated and polyunsaturated; heart

7. Olive oil; Oleic; blood pressure

8. Extra virgin; 2tbsp

From HT Brunch, May 5

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