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The Hollywood Family Album

Bollywood isn’t the only family business. Today’s Hollywood keeps it close to home too. You’ve heard of the Kardashians, Wayans and Jonases. Here are other relatives in the spotlight.

brunch Updated: Jun 05, 2016 11:51 IST
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From Donald to Kiefer, Julia and more: Hollywood relatives in the limelight.

Bollywood isn’t the only family business. Today’s Hollywood keeps it close to home too. You’ve heard of the Kardashians, Wayans and Jonases. Here are other relatives in the spotlight

Julia, Eric, Lisa & Emma Roberts

You know the Pretty Woman, of course. Brother Eric has been, among many things, the mafia boss in The Dark Knight; sister Lisa has had short roles on several shows and Eric’s daughter Emma is currently on the show Scream Queens

Donald, Rossif, Kiefer & Sarah Sutherland

Donald, who’s been acting since the ’60s, was the bad guy in The Hunger Games. One son, Rossif, was in Monk and smaller projects, while the other, Kiefer, has habitually saved the world in 24. Kiefer’s daughter Sarah plays the spoiled, whiny daughter on the hilarious show Veep.

Blake, Eric, Robyn, Jason & Lori Lively

You know Blake from Gossip Girl, her brother Eric was on the TV show The L Word, half-sister Robyn used to be on ’80s shows like Doogie Howser MD, half-brother Jason has been a character artist fixture in small 80s films and half-sister Lori has made even more forgettable films

Rosanna, David, Alexis & Patricia Arquette

Rosanna has been on screen since 1977, with roles in Pulp Fiction and Girls; David is famous for the Scream movie and for being married to Courteney Cox; Alexis (born Robert) was also in Pulp Fiction but was male then; Patricia won an Oscar for her role in Boyhood last year.

Francis Ford, Sofia & Roman Coppola; Nicolas Cage; Jason Schwartzman

The Godfather of directors, Francis is actual father to Lost in Translation director Sofia and Moonrise Kingdom writer Roman. He is also uncle to National Treasure Nicolas and Wes Anderson favourite Jason.

John, Ann & Joan Cusack

You’ll remember John from Con Air. His sister Joan (left) has voiced several Disney film characters and the other sister Ann has had small roles in film and TV, including Grey’s Anatomy.

Luke, Owen & Andrew Wilson

Luke’s the one from The Royal Tenenbaums. Owen is the one from The Wedding Crashers. Andrew is the lesser known one who was in Whip It.

Martin & Charlie Sheen, Emilio, Renee & Ramon Estevez

Martin, the father, is famous for several roles, including playing the US president on The West Wing; Sheen is a screen name, which explains why son Charlie (Two And A Half Men) adopted it, but Emilio (The Breakfast Club), Renee (The West Wing) and Ramon (Anger Management) haven’t. There are many more of the Estevez family in Hollywood, in music, smaller roles and make-up.

Chris, Luke & Liam Hemsworth

Chris is Thor, Luke (left) has been on the show Neighbours and Liam was in the Hunger Games films.

Zooey & Emily Deschanel

Zooey is the one on New Girl, Emily is the one on Bones.

Portia & Kaitlin Doubleday

Both sisters broke on to the TV scene last year. Portia was on Mr Robot, Kaitlin was on Empire.

James & Dave Franco

Of the everywhere brothers, James cut off his arm on 127 Hours, and Dave dabbled in magic in Now You See Me.

Dakota & Elle Fanning

Dakota was in practically every movie that needed a child actress in the 2000s. Sister Elle has been most memorable in Maleficent.

Jake & Maggie Gyllenhall

We wish we knew how to quit Jake after Brokeback Mountain. And Maggie Gyllenhall was in The Dark Knight as Batman’s short-lived love interest.

Rooney & Kate Mara

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? That’s Rooney. The journalist on House of Cards? That’s her sister Kate.

From HT Brunch, June 5, 2016

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First Published: Jun 04, 2016 19:36 IST