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Google bent upon invading Microsoft

If audacity had an award the clear winner would be Google. It invaded right into the heart of the biggest organization, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

business Updated: Jun 06, 2006 21:15 IST

Invasion in the heart of Microsoft

If audacity had an award the clear winner would be Google. It invaded right into the heart of the biggest organization on earth heads on. No guerilla tactics, no behind the back strategies or even remote diplomacy. Pure war, heads on. The war of desktop supremacy has been on for three years now. But the attacks have become direct only recently when Google acquired Writely a direct competitor of MS Word. Now, it's taking the war further by the overnight launch of a test version of Google Spreadsheet.

Gearing for the next generation applications

As desktop applications get ready to move on into the second generation, applications like Writely and Google Spreadsheets are gaining importance. The future belongs to server based applications. No longer would we need to have programs loaded into our systems but just go to www, do our work and save it or share it.

Google wants to capture the major portion of the visitor online experience. First it was "search" then "email" and now "office". Writely a direct rival of MS word was acquired by Google two months ago and now Google Spreadsheets.

Google Spreadsheets - the next generation excel

Google Spreadsheet is similar to Writely in that it is an internet-based rather than a desktop-bound application, so documents - in this case traditional spreadsheets - can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection. Once produced online, these documents can be shared between many users. Google Spreadsheet is a new generation seemingly far more delightful version of Excel.

The Google whiz kids

I am a huge Google fan even though I think Googletalk has a long way to go and Googledesktop should stop guzzling system resources. Other than that Google has developed absolutely fantastic applications and altered the rules of the game. When the whole advertising world was talking about rich media and technology Google whiz kids changed the rules of the game by launching 'textual advertising'. Overnight textual became the most sexual word in online advertising.

Creating desktop delight

Years ago I had written an article on customer delight. "Customer is your raison d'etre, delight her". Google seems to have mastered that mantra. Application after application and the dominance of Google slowly and steadily followed. A small search company hardly six years old today dominates a huge portion of the visitor online experience and is bent upon taking on Microsoft with its Office suite. What's next Google? A server based Google operating system you can access anywhere anytime on any computer? Well officially that's just a rumor so far. But the way Google corporate communication works it just maybe a reality soon.