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One billion online

An eMarketer report which you and I cannot afford to buy tells us that this year one billion people worldwide will have access to the World Wide Web, writes Deepak Mankar.

business Updated: May 28, 2006 21:08 IST
Deepak Mankar
Deepak Mankar

Lucky me! I stumbled on what literally amounts to a chestful of useful and interesting tools in Amy Gahran's 22 May post at (poynter). She calls them "my absolutely indispensible (sic!)" 'Cool Online Tools for Media Pros'. She ought to know what she's recommending. She's a leading authority on how to communicate in the online age after all. Here's her 'quick list' in her own words (well almost):

1. Furl (furl) : "Create your own private, full-text, tagged, searchable, shareable, Web-based archive of anything interesting, relevant, or useful you find online. [10 cool things to do with Furl (blog.contentious), about Furl, file sharing, and copyright (contentious)".]

2. Del (del.icio): "Bill (her colleague at the Poynter Institute's lovely St Petersburg, Fla headquarters) … didn't know you could use it to automatically create a daily digest posting (commoncraft) of link items to a typepad or movable type weblog - which I do for one of my weblogs, the right conversation (rightconversation) …here's why …Furl and Del are almost perfect together (rightconversation)".

3. Audio/video search: "Play with Podzinger (podzinger) and Blinkx (, and make sure all your multimedia content gets fed to those services. Endless hours of serendipitous fun".

4. Tracking online conversations: "I'm using Co.mments [co.mments] right now, but once they debug their Firefox extension [contentious] I expect I'll be back using CoComment [cocomment]".

5. Writely [writely]: "Okay, I don't use this much, but it's a pretty cool collaborative tool - a web-based word processor. Worth playing around with".

6. Seedwiki: "I also use Seedwiki [seedwiki] to create password-protected wikis for team use on projects I'm involved with". By the way, when I was pottering around, I was pleasantly surprised to find a link to last week's where I had quoted/cited Amy in the opening paragraph. hindustantimes. Have a look: rightconversation; del.icio (on May 21).

Your call, India. Call centre growth prospects look good.

Datamonitor seems awfully bullish on India's prospects in the Call Centre Agent Position (AP) growth, 2004-2009. The yearly 15% increment rate may more than likely lead to a rise in the number of APs to 363,100 by 2009. "Datamonitor forecasts the number of domestic APs in India to almost quadruple from 23,000 positions in 2004 to 98,700 positions in 2009. The other marked development in the Indian market is in offshore outsourcing positions, which are expected to grow at an average rate of 20% per year to 162,500 by 2009," reports the unnamed author of 'Call centres: An Indian revolution' (25 May 2006).cbronline

One billion online. In the new millennium

An eMarketer report which you and I cannot afford to buy tells us that this year one billion people worldwide will have access to the World Wide Web. emarketer Of these, 250 thousand households will have broadband connections. Asia-Pacific is the largest broadband centre with nearly 40% of the world's broadband households The interesting thing about broadband growth in 2005 is Latin America leads (70.7%) followed by Western Europe (42.2%), Asia-Pacific (37.7%), USA (27.7%) and Canada (18.3%). According to eMarketer's estimates approximately 845 million of the one billion wired people use the Internet regularly. The United States is still hold the No.1 slot for the numbers of Internet users (175 million; broadband households, 43.7 million). Also see 'One billion people have Internet access': breitbart.

Count thy boons. Quite a bit!

The reason and inspiration for my Biblical outburst is spotbit. It has billed itself "the Free e-Magazine Archieve (sic!)", ever since its launch around 10 May or so. It offersPDF downloads of 150 current magazines. Penthouse is the most popular (May and June issues accounted for top downloads.) The list has at least four more 'men's' mags, as well as Scientific American and What Digital Camera. There is a Notice in Grey in the lower right hand corner saying "If the copyright of any magazine belongs to you, contact us and we'll remove it!" This is just like what the notice says: "If we've broken the law, tell us, and we'll take down the file." The ever-vigilant and resourceful Frank Barnako has tracked the registrant.barnako(May 17, 2006) its domainsbyproxya Scottsdale, Arizona firm "… which sells a service to hide a Web site operator's personal information. It calls an affiliate, and its site looks remarkable (sic!) similar to the layout of GoDaddy's. The only clue to's genesis is one its tabs, 'Add to Favourite.' Perhaps the US publishers' work is being (sic!) from an offshore site," writes Barnako. When I tried to access the website thrice, it was closed for maintenance. Very, very mysterious, what?

Eye in the sky. By Microsoft.

"Microsoft is collaborating with the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a division of the Department of Defense, on its Virtual Earth technology," reports Candace Lombardi ('Microsoft's 'eye in the sky' to watch over national security?') This is for the purpose of providing "geospatial support for humanitarian, peacekeeping and national security efforts", according to Microsoft. "In return, the software behemoth hopes to gain from the organisation's established knowledge of geospatial information and geodetics, the maths and science of measuring portions of the Earth's topography, magnetic and gravitational variations, and geodynamic phenomenon," continues Lombardi. Further:

"Microsoft also announced an agreement last week to provide its Virtual Earth technology to Real Tech, a provider of real estate tools … and … Zillow to provide the real estate comparison website with Virtual Earth technology." The CNET reporter saves this intriguing clue for last: "While the NGA refers to itself as 'a major combat support agency for the Department of Defense,' it is unclear whether this technology will be applied to military strategy operations."software.silicon

Gain some. Lose some.

It's celebration time for DotMobi who are the sponsor of '.mobi', the first internet address (mTLD, or mobile Top Level Domain) meant specifically for mobile phones to be available through 16 of the top 20 domain name registrars worldwide. Among the backers of DotMobi, which is also a sponsor of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, are Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM and Vodafone. By contrast, there's a mood of gloom and doom in the ICM Registry LLC, the company behind the proposed .xxx internet porn domain. "The Florida-based start-up will sue the Department of Commerce and the Department of State to get them to release documents that they redacted when they responded to a Freedom Of Information Act request that ICM filed last year," writes Jason Stamper ('As .xxx falls, .mobi rises'). The presumed reasons for the proposed prosecution seem to be that (a) the US "exerted undue political influence on ICANN's consideration of the .xxx domain application" and that the redactions were unlawful under the FOIA; and (b) the documents show that the US government "solicit[ed] foreign government intervention to achieve DoC's domestic political goals".cbronline

Desi T-log. Take a look.

Kulpreet Singh of Shunya shunyawrote to me the other day: "Found your blog via Hindustan Times. I feel I will enjoy reading more of what you have to say. … I started …shunya, a place for techies in India to debate their concerns. Last week we released the Hindi edition of the same at hi.shunya". Keep up the good work. Shunya looks more than promising. Do visit it.

That's all for now though there's plenty more out there. Join me again next week, same place.

Copyright (c) 2001- 2006 by Deepak Mankar. All rights reserved. Deepak Mankar, an advertising practitioner on the creative side since 1965, is also intensely passionate about the web and web content creation. Read his online articles at Website: You may e-mail him at Blog:

First Published: May 27, 2006 20:01 IST