A mother’s conviction that brooked no obstacles

With the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on Thursday directing city-based Dr Sanjay Saluja to pay Rs 70 lakh as compensation for negligent treatment that lead to the amputation of a young man (then teenager) in 2003, the woman who fought the case for over a decade hopes that it is just the beginning of a change in the system.

chandigarh Updated: Jul 05, 2014 08:33 IST
Shailee Dogra
Shailee Dogra
Hindustan Times

“It was not the compensation I was fighting for. I want to correct the system and teach the doctor who did not treat my son with enough caution and care a lesson and left him for dead,” says Anuradha Ahluwalia, the mother of Abhishek Ahluwalia, whose conviction in the strength of her case against the doctor led her to conquer several hiccups and difficulties on the way to Thursday’s decision.

On the trauma of the events of July 2003, she said that her eternal regret will be trusting the doctor more than her son.

“Doctor negligent in treating patients should be dealt with strictly. However, I have also learnt that not all doctors are same. Doctors at the GMCH sector 32 gave a new lease of life to my son,” she added.


In her mission to get the system to support her, Anuradha had to first understand that negligence that the doctor indulged into. She did countless rounds of several doctors to understand that how a wrong plaster could prove fatal and result in amputation of leg to save a life.

“Most times, when I approached a doctor for help, I was shunned out of the room. A few would hear me out and then advice to opt out. I used to spend sleepless nights reading medical literature, finding judgments to support my case,” she added.

“I was the victim of negligence, but was treated as the accused. On each hearing, I used to appear before the court and sit there waiting for my case to be heard, while the doctor would appear through his counsel.”


Amputation has failed to dishearten Abhishek Ahluwalia who is preparing for the judicial services exam.


Prompt, adequate and correct treatment as per clinical conditions was rendered to Abhishek throughout the period he remained under my care regardless of the time and hour of the day. Though the ultimate amputation of the leg at the hands of GMCH-Sector 32 is unfortunate, yet it will be a mistake to deem that the same had been caused in any manner by the treatment rendered to him by me. The line of treatment administered by me was correct.

First Published: Jul 05, 2014 08:26 IST