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Crazy on campus

It buzzes with ideas, oozes with trends and is just the right place to feel the pulse of the youth. Campus clearly takes the cake when it comes to setting style rules from head to toe. Mehakdeep Grewal captures the 12 dominant diktats that students across the region followed and flaunted in 2012.

chandigarh Updated: Dec 28, 2012 11:14 IST
Mehakdeep Grewal
Mehakdeep Grewal
Hindustan Times

It buzzes with ideas, oozes with trends and is just the right place to feel the pulse of the youth. Campus clearly takes the cake when it comes to setting style rules from head to toe. Mehakdeep Grewal captures the 12 dominant diktats that students across the region followed and flaunted in 2012.

Screeching showstoppers: College life, at least most of it, remains about making heads turn, especially in Punjab. While girls have their own ada of making that happen, guys depend on their favourite toys—their mean machines. The vehicles that were on the trend track this year were the Willy Jeep, Yamaha R15 and the Royal Enfield. The retro Willy Jeep needs no introduction. It has been around long enough to have become campuses’ pulse. The Yamaha R15, however, a fairly new entrant, caught youngsters’ fancy this year with its dashing looks and racing-bike charm. Punjab’s ‘Bult’ (in pic), however, remained the reigning king, with its unmatched rugged looks, and of course everyone’s heartbeat — ‘thug thug thug thug thug….’

The long and short of it: Hair and clothes are probably the first things a youngster ‘invests in’ before stepping on the campus. This year, girls went in for the short, flamboyant look, while the guys decided to grow them out! Fringes, bangs and side-pinned waves were a rage amongst girls; and those who did not want to part with their long tresses went in for straight, vibrantly coloured hair, the hippies braids or the loosely-tied round plait. Guys, on the other hand, preferred the long, hippie look with a goatee. The underlying idea behind all these looks was to look bold and beautiful, as ever. As for the wardrobe, youngsters decided to ditch greys and beiges and whites, and instead went in for bright, flashy colours to brighten up their personalities (in pic). The attires ranged from skin-fit coloured jeans and leggings to classy overcoats and scarves.

Inked: Gone are the days when body art was a thing of rebels. Campus kids are going all out to get inked—be it to voice something they believe in or to prove their mettle. The radical branding of tattoos went full swing and instead of the little cute designs, youngsters went in for bold inscriptions that ranged from Sanskrit shlokas about universal truths to the Chinese Yin Yang symbol, which stands for ‘shadow and light’. The not-so-philosophical lot on the other hand, had its heart set on bold red and blue roses.

Geeky gizmos: Gadgets have become nothing short of essentials that almost every youngster, on campus or off, saves up to possess. In the ‘phoney’ world, the tussle between techno giants Apple and Samsung caught everyone’s attention. While Apple came out with its latest four-inch screen iPhone (which is supposedly packed with 200 features), Samsung gave it a tough competition with Galaxy S3—the android smart phone with super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. As for tablets, the choices swayed between Samsung’s Note II and Apple’s iPad. The laptop world, however, was conquered by the ‘one-book show’ of the Mac Book. And how could the music-loving generation’s headsets be left behind? The techy ear accessory that won hearts on campus this year was the Beats Headphone, loaded with long battery life and crystal clear sound.

Feast on fests: The year saw a number of fests around the region catch youngsters’ fancy. At Punjabi University fest (in pic) and the PTU festival bhangra and gidda continued to steal the show. The One-India festival at Lovely Professional University saw various cultures from different parts of the country coming together, giving youngsters a much-needed cultural exposure. The Aranya and Saturnalia fest held at Thapar University gave youngsters rock band performances, where they went all out banging their heads; not literally.

Best foot forward: They say, “A man’s character can be judged by his shoes.” And the youngsters of today take that very seriously, be it with a trendy twist. While brightly coloured loafers did the rounds on campus, the evergreen boots—ankle-length (in pic), leather, buckled, zipped and lace-up canvas—prevailed over the fashion scene this winter. Another type of footwear that caught our eye this year was the bright, flashy heels sported by most girls.

Book ‘warm’: The genre of historical fiction ruled the reading time of youngsters this year. The book that was prepped up in their hands and bags the most was Amish Tripathi’s Immortals of Meluha—the first novel of the Shiva trilogy. The story of the book is set in the land of Meluha. The journey of saviour Neelkanth and the battles between Meluhans and Chandravanshis was savoured by most.

A touch of accessories: It’s a known fact that sunglasses are not just to protect eyes from the rays of the sun. They have the capability of making a hippie look like a stud. But then again, looks are deceptive! Getting ispired by Bollywood, the youngsters of Punjab took to Wayfarers and Aviators, as both these frames solved the purpose for boys as well as girls. The wrist was ruled by big-dial watches and wired bangles (the rubber or plastic ones) and the neck was laced with wooden and layered neck pieces (in pic). As for the most important accessory, the one that carries all your books, we spotted knapsacks, sling bags, back packs, iPad cases and hip bags.

Brick art: Taking a leap forward to express themselves, youngsters took to painting their art on walls, for everyone to admire. The themes that ruled this quirky form of art were freedom and diversity, while some of them also expressed various global crises as well as the infamous rebellious nature of students.

Trippin’ on this: Travelling has long become a hobby with the youth. This year, aamchi Mumbai (in pic) ruled their travel diaries, being the favourite campus trip destination of the year. Be it the Marine drive, the beaches, the Gateway of India or the glamorous film city—youngsters on campus kept aching to return to the city of dreams. And for a hill adventure, Himachal Pradesh’s Mcleodganj, set in the suburbs of Dharamshala, topped their list.

Handsome idol: Be it his Oscar nominated movie, his much-talked-about relationship with Deepika Padukone or his chocolate boy looks—Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor was the talk of the campus not just amongst girls, but guys as well! Since his movie Barfi! went under the scanner for being ‘inspired’ by many Hollywood movies, youngsters couldn’t get enough of either him or his convincing role in the movie. Same goes for the songs of the film, the credit for which goes to musician Pritam.

Right on track: The soundtrack that was literally music to everyone’s ears, and feet, on campus this year was Korean rapper Psy’s Gangnam Style. Besides setting a new trend of quirky dance moves, this song was also the most-viewed video by youngsters on YouTube.