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This forum provides school principals/teachers a chance to share their views and insights on a wide range of subjects with students.
Baldeep Pandher, Principal, Green Land Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana
Baldeep Pandher, Principal, Green Land Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana
Updated on Jul 31, 2019 11:15 AM IST
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Your most interesting moment as the principal of Green Land Public School and biggest challenges?

All moments spent with children in school are interesting. The biggest challenge these days is the attitude of the parents, especially if their children don’t study. They cannot control their own children but think the teachers of the school have some magic wand that can set them straight.

What helps you identify a talented student or leadership material?

Self-confidence is what helps me identify leadership material. Self confident students have it in them to be the leaders of the morrow.

Do you believe students should be labelled ‘mediocre’ or ‘average’?

No, students should not be labelled as such as every student is unique. All of them have different abilities. It is for the teacher to identify and tap their potential.

Initiatives schools should take to help students develop an interest in science, mathematics , humanities or research?

Schools should focus on practical methods of teaching, more of project work and less of rote learning.

Do teachers have to double up as counsellors for personal and academic advice to students? What are the most common complaints that you have addressed and how?

Teachers do have to double up as academic counsellors but in case they are unable to handle a personal issue then the student is either sent to the discipline committee or can approach the counselling cell depending on the matter. The most common complaints received include, physical fights among boys and students making fake ID cards. These are handled with the intervention of the parents.

What should schools do to stop students from indulging in substance abuse?

Repeated counselling, moral lectures and involving them in co-curricular activities such as declamation and poster making based on themes of adverse effects of smoking, alcohol or drugs can help.

At what age do youngsters start firming up career plans. What should schools do to encourage them to explore newer or offbeat avenues?

Mostly students start firming up their career plans in Class 10. To encourage them to explore new avenues, schools should give them a chance to interact with alumni who are pursuing offbeat careers.

One school community outreach project that you are proud of?

The one community outreach programme that I am proud of is the adoption of students from economically backward areas for free education by the management of Green Land schools.

Does your school have any unique programme for all-round holistic development of students?

We have a plethora of activities and sports which are specially designed for their holistic development.We make it a point to celebrate all festivals in school so that students stay rooted to their culture and understand the importance of these events. On the academic front, career counselling sessions are held for the students. To encourage the students and to keep them updated with new avenues available, I make it a point to deliver a speech daily during the assembly based on their age group.

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