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Many posts on popular social media sites- Facebook and Twitter became viral this year. With 2015 fast approaching, here’s a list of popular viral posts that became talk of the town from region in 2014.

chandigarh Updated: Dec 31, 2014 23:44 IST
Neetika walter
Neetika walter
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Many posts on popular social media sites- Facebook and Twitter became viral this year. With 2015 fast approaching, here’s a list of popular viral posts that became talk of the town from region in 2014.

UK Sikh man's 'T'urban Outfitters photo goes viral

Twitter photograph of Plymouth's Drake Ward’s councillor Chaz Singh turning a branch of fashion chain Urban Outfitters into 'Turban Outfitters' by using a sign, went viral this year.

,The councillor drew the letter 'T' on a paper and held the sign up in front of the letter 'U' in 'Urban Outfitters'.

He said that his photograph was "fun, and also about being proud of who you are".

"My funny move has taken the whole concept of the turban and humanised it," he added.

J&K cop's king-size life goes viral

It all began when son of deputy inspector general (dig) of police, Jammu, Shakeel Beig posted a series of photographs about the lavish lifestyle of his father on Instagram.

One of the images showed a policeman helping the DIG wear his shoes. In the caption of the photo, Beig's son wrote: “Real king – My Dad!! Last time he put his shoes himself was almost 15 years ago #BossLife #King xx.”

Another photo showed the DIG and his son with a man behind them holding an umbrella. The caption says: “Dad and I. #Security, #Guns and #Umbrella even when there is no sun or rain ;).”

The third photo captioned “Motivation right here! Traffic and this is how police and gunmen clear traffic when my dad is on the road! #power #king #guns” showed police vehicle surrounded by armed policemen.

DIG’s son, whose instagram account is under the name Tonybeig, also posted his own picture playing golf. An armed security man is seen in the photo holding a flag stick for Tony at a golf course.

Youth's response to racist turban tweet goes viral

A New Jersey-based Sikh youth's response to an apparent racist tweet went also generated much response across various social media platforms.

Ashishpal Singh won applause from the virtual world after he gave a befitting reply to a youth named Ryan Carr who had made a racist comment in July 2013, which read, "Am I racist if I feel uncomfortable about a guy with a turban on my plane because this isn't okay with me."

A year later, Ashishpal Singh replied, "Ugh, I know what you mean, I get really uncomfortable whenever I see a white man walk into a movie theatre or elementary school."

Carr immediately responded saying, "You're actually funny, if anyone's seen my twitter it's never to be taken seriously, but I laughed at your tweet."

The conversation went viral and people termed Carr a racist.

Punjab School education officer’s FB photos draws flak

Punjab director general of school education (DGSE) GK Singh Dhaliwal’s photographs where he is consuming liquor with his friends posted on Facebook also became a major controversy in the education department circles.

Dhaliwal, in his official capacity, opposed the use of drugs and alcohol and issued time –ti time circulars to all schools in the state stressing the need for awareness and holding seminars for curbing the drug menace.

DC photo goes viral

UT deputy commissioner Mohammed Shayin landed into a controversy after his picture with female administration official a sexually suggestive position went viral on social networking websites.

The photo created ripples among administration officials as well as city residents.

PDP MLA brandishes AK-47

Just before the assembly elections in J&K, People's Democratic Party MLA Javed Mustafa Mir became talk of the town after his photo brandishing an AK-47 openly went viral. The image showed Mir holding an AK-47 and standing casually next to an armed personnel.

NC son’s picture with gun goes viral

Not only Mir, National Conference leader Nasir Aslam Wani also landed up in trouble after picture of his son brandishing a gun went viral on social networking sites.

US rapper makes racist comments about Sikh man, draws flak

An American rapper drew flak after he made racist comments about a Sikh man in a picture he posted on a website.

Joe Budden, a member of the hip hop group Slaughterhouse, posted a picture on his Instagram account showing an elderly Sikh standing in an airport security line.

Budden's accompanying caption read, "Not on my watch Homeboy!” insinuating that he was a terrorist.

Budden received a lot of criticism with tweeple express their anger.

A user Jaskaran Dhanoa urged Budden to take a serious look at his actions, telling him that "you are a human just like everyone else. Same blood runs in our veins. Your ancestors know about racism."

Budden replied to Dhanoa that he should not take the caption seriously and "lighten up" to which Dhanoa said making racist jokes was inappropriate.

The rapper later removed the post from his Instagram account and apologied to all Sikh man saying, "I apologize to all Sikhs and any1 i offended w my tasteless & stereotypical post yesterday, it was ignorant & in bad judgement. Never again."

First Published: Dec 31, 2014 23:30 IST