The actor is looking forward to the release of Yuvarathnaa soon.
The actor is looking forward to the release of Yuvarathnaa soon.

Puneeth Rajkumar: Soon, we will have Kannada web shows as well

The actor weighs in on the cinema vs OTT debate, says the prospects are exciting and one has to go with the flow.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 01, 2021 02:03 PM IST

Cinema and OTT will continue to coexist and both mediums have great potential and more entertainment for audiences,” shares Puneeth Rajkumar, about his views on the debate on the two mediums.

Last year, everyone wanted to be on the OTT boom bandwagon and Rajkumar, too, is excited about the prospects of the digital platforms. “Last year during the lockdown, it made a lot of sense to be on OTT. It is a technology that has worked well. There have been some really interesting web shows in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil last year and soon we will have Kannada web shows as well Now, we have projects made for OTT, including original films. We have to go with the flow and see how the market responds,” says the actor, who is looking forward to the release of Yuvarathnaa soon.

Looking back on 2020, he says we all simply took care of ourselves and survived. “The film industry was badly affected like so many other industries. Our production company released two movies on digital platforms- production Law and French Biryani. We got back to work in September. Now that theatres are open, it will help the industry get back on its feet. I completed my film Yuvarathnaa and then started shooting for James,” shares Rajkumar.

Apparently, there were reports that he would be reprising the role played by Vijay Setupathi in O My Kadvule but he negates the reports. “That’s not true. It would be a guest appearance. I will probably be in the film for 10-15 minutes,” he says.

Celebrities kept in touch with the world and their fans through social media mostly last year and Rajkumar, too, enjoys interacting with fans. “I try to put up posts that bring positivity in life, rather than concentrating on news or other issues. I love travel blogs and I also like motivating people. I work out a lot so I put up some posts on that. Especially after 2020, all of us want to look at things that help us to grow in life, be positive, stay happy and fit in life which is more important than focusing on world news. Humans adapat to how life goes on. No one thought that we could stay at home for months. For a highly populated country like ours, we survived Corona and went on to do well, in terms of numbers. It is important to believe in ourselves and stay focused and happy,” he concludes.

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