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Brace yourself for air shows

PUBLISHED ON JAN 28, 2020 11:13 PM IST

LUCKNOW The ministry of defence will also organise live air shows at Sector 15, Vrindavan Yojna and Gomti riverfront (Birbal Sahani Marg near Khatu Shyam Mandir) in Lucknow during the five-day Defence Expo-2020.

FEB 5: Air show at Vrindavan Yojna would start at 11am while the one at Gomti riverfront would begin at 4pm.

FEB 6: There will be three air shows. Two of them (at 11am and 3pm) will be held at Vrindavan Yojna while another one at Gomti riverfront would start at 4pm.

FEB 7: The shows would start at Vrindavan Yojna at 11am and 3pm while an air show will be held at Gomti Riverfront at 4 pm.

FEB 8: The shows will start at 11am and 3pm at Vrindavan Yojna and at 4pm at Gomti riverfront.

FEB 9: The air show will be held at 11:30am at Vrindavan Yojna.

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