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Car-only lanes to come up at toll plaza

By Rohit David
PUBLISHED ON DEC 27, 2019 08:39 PM IST

Gurugram To streamline traffic movement at the Kherki Daula toll plaza, the Gurugram police and the concessionaire, Millennium City Expressway Private Limited (MCEPL), have decided to only allow cars in lanes 7 and 8 (Jaipur-Delhi side) during the day. The decision was taken after a meeting in Manesar on Thursday evening among the Gurugram police, officials of MCEPL and Skylark, the toll operator, on how to segregate traffic at the toll plaza.

Officials of the concessionaire and the police have decided that around 70-80 more jersey barriers would be placed before the starting lane number 7 and 8, to streamline traffic movement on the toll plaza. Officials said that from Saturday, when the plan is likely to be implemented, all trucks and heavy vehicles will move to the left side of the toll plaza, leaving the remaining lanes for cars.

Kirpal Singh, public relations officer, Skylark, the toll operator, said, “We have taken a decision that in the morning, at the entry point, the jersey barriers will be closed a bit, allowing only cars to go through. Also, in the night, the jersey barriers will be opened for the movement of trucks as there are many heavy vehicles that use the toll plaza during the night.”

More marshals have been deployed at the entry point of lanes 7 and 8, so as to ensure that only cars are allowed to pass through during the day, MCEPL officials said.

As per the existing plan, lanes 7 and 8 are both designated FASTag lanes meant for both trucks and cars. However, MCEPL officials said that during the day time, trucks enter these lanes and block the passage of cars as the heavy vehicles take more time to pass through the toll plaza.

Mohammad Sohrab Khan, operations head, MCEPL, said, “Heavy vehicles take more time to cross the toll plaza. They tend to block the passage of smaller vehicles in these lanes.” Also, the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway concessionaire has decided to check every truck after reports emerged that truck drivers are using FASTags meant for cars.

HT had reported on December 27 that truck drivers are using loopholes to pay less, among which it was found that some of them were using FASTags meant for cars. “Each truck is being segregated and checked so that they end up paying the amount of toll meant for their vehicle,” said Khan.

The police officials also confirmed that they have asked the toll operator to segregate traffic to ensure there is no traffic jam. Rajesh Kumar, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), Manesar, said, “We have asked the toll operator to place jersey barriers to ensure there is smooth movement of traffic at Kherki Daula toll plaza.”

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