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Ghaziabad gets two ventilators for non-Covid emergencies

By Peeyush Khandelwal, Ghaziabad
PUBLISHED ON MAY 31, 2020 11:14 PM IST

A 70-year-old woman, who was rushed to MMG Hospital on Saturday after complaining of breathlessness, was denied admission and instead referred to Meerut Medical College.

Reason: The hospital didn’t have any spare ventilators for non-Covid related emergencies.

The incident on Sunday caught the attention of UP’s state minister for health and Ghaziabad MLA, Atul Garg, who immediately called a meeting of district health department officials and decided to dedicate two ventilators for non-Covid critical patients at MMG District Hospital.

“The 70-year-old woman was brought to MMG Hospital on Saturday with complaints of breathlessness and had to be referred to Meerut as there were no spare ventilator available with us for regular patients at any government hospital. We already had five ventilators at Sanjay Nagar Hospital, which was recently dedicated for Covid patients since the hospital is now functioning as L2 category dedicated Covid hospital,” said Dr NK Gupta, chief medical officer (CMO).

“Five more ventilators had arrived, of which three were given to Sanjay Nagar, while remaining two were sent to Agra. Since we had no non-Covid ventilators at any of our hospitals, the patient was referred to Meerut. She is a non-Covid patient as of now and her tests will be conducted,” CMO added.

He said that after the patient was referred to Meerut, the minister called the CMO and hospital authorities of the two hospitals for a meeting.

“The patient was from Kaila Bhatta and required ventilator support. Since it was not available, we had to send her to Meerut. I have called the CMO and the officials of the two hospitals. We will have non-Covid ventilators by Sunday evening,” Garg, said.

Following the discussions, two ventilators were made available to MMG Hospital on Sunday evening.

“During the meeting with the minister, it was decided that two ventilators available with us taht were to be sent to Agra, will now be given to MMG Hospital, which is a non-Covid government hospital,” the CMO said on Sunday evening.

Under the instructions of the UP government, the state officials have come up with three-tier dedicated Covid hospitals — L1, L2 and L3 . The hospitals have also been provided with ventilators, oxygen supplies and other equipment to deal with Covid patients.

“Now we have achieved the target of one lakh Covid beds as directed by the chief minister. The figure of Covid beds in L1, L2 and L3 category hospitals as of Sunday is 1,01, 236. We will now focus on quality improvement. Under this, we will focus on provision of equipment, medicines, medical teams, infra red thermometers, pulse oxymeters and ventilators for Covid-19 treatment,” said Amit Mohan Prasad, UP principal secretary (health).

Meanwhile, the Ghaziabad authorities have planned to implement the lockdown guidelines issued by the UP government from June 1, but such relaxations will not be available in containment zones in the district.

The officials said that majority of the containment zones, about 90% as per the list issued on May 30 with new definition, fall under the Ghaziabad city areas.

According to a list prepared by the Ghaziabad district administration, the district has 65 identified category 1 containment zones, of which only seven are in rural areas.

The list includes five category 1 containment zones in Vaishali, four in Vasundhara, six in Maharajpur and Jhandapur, 11 in Khoda, three in Indirapuram and seven in Vijay Nagar among others. All the areas are in the zones which have already categorised as Red Zones.

The district has another set of seven, category 2 containment zones, where more than one case has been reported. The category 2 containment zones include six zones in urban areas and one in rural. These include two in Vaishali, one each in Indirapuram, Vasundhara and Jhandapur.

The state government has also defined a new set of guidelines for sealing of residential highrises.

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