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Provide food or send us home, 150 stuck migrants appeal to district administration

PUBLISHED ON MAY 21, 2020 10:38 PM IST


A group of daily wage earners, currently dependent on help from residents in Sector 23, have appealed to the district administration to provide them with dry ration at the earliest or arrange for their travel home.

The daily wagers, around 150 in number, claimed that after a nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 25 to check the spread of Covid-19, they lost their source of incomes. Ever since then, they have been surviving hand to mouth, mostly dependent on the residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) and other citizens’ and non government organizations for their daily meals. The group said that they live at Carterpuri and Mulahera areas and often end up sleeping in a park in the area.

Most of these daily wagers belong to Bihar. After the lockdown was imposed, the district administration appointed nodal authorities for food distribution – both dry food and cooked meal.

Manju Devi, who worked as a maid and whose husband worked as a construction labourer, said, “We gave our Aadhaar numbers to some officials and they assured us that they were noting down our name to make a list of people to whom dry food — such as rice, flour, pulses — will be distributed. We have no idea who they (the officials) were but we have not received any dry ration so far.”

In the government’s absence, the RWA members of Sector 23-A have been helping these workers by providing them with meals twice daily.

“I am a rickshaw puller. My son is a construction labourer and my wife works as maid. My son has two children. We all live in two small rooms at Carterpuri. Before the lockdown, we managed to earn Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 thousand a month. But after the lockdown, our incomes dried up. We have a hand to mouth existence as of now. We have not paid rent to our landlord for three months. We go to a temple at Sector 23-A twice a day to collect cooked meal with the help of local RWA and some other Good Samaritans. We hope the administration provides us dry ration soon, so that we can cook for ourselves,” said Sitaram Das, tone of the daily wage earners.

On Wednesday, the RWA members wrote a letter to deputy commissioner (DC), Gurugram, Amit Khatri, seeking his intervention and demanding a probe as to why these daily wagers were not provided with ration despite a survey having been done in April..

“We have also raised this issue repeatedly on WhatsApp group created by 15 different RWAs of city. There has been no response from the officials so far. If a survey has been done, then they should be provided dry food packets. How long will they have to beg and stand in line at temple sites?,” said Neeru Yadav, RWA president of Sector 23-A.

Contacted, deputy commissioner Khatri said he was looking into the issue

Vinay Pratap Singh, MCG commissioner, said, “I will arrange dry food ration for them immediately and look if a survey was done.”

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