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Visit DefExpo to know more about UAVs

PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2020 09:59 PM IST

LUCKNOW: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) top the list of indigenously-developed weaponry that will be put on display during the Defence Expo-2020 to be organised in the state capital from February 5 to 8.

The expo, based on the theme ‘Digital Transformation of Defence’, would be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It will showcase a variety of UAVs, which are designed to counter enemy threats.

Among these will be the AIRavat T12, the 12kg drone – a perfect machine for surveillance, also designed to carry heavier load.

AIRavat T90, Alfa-S UAS, Drone Bullet, Mini Black Bird 1280, Rattler-Super Sonic target, Wireless Micro Surveillance Robot, Spy D-Nano and SDE Spectre are a few others that will be put on display during the expo.

Defence officials said the expo aims at bringing leading technologies in the defence sector under one roof and provide opportunities for tie-ups between the government, private manufacturers and start-ups.

Officials said the event would cover the complete spectrum of the country’s aerospace, defence and security interests and see the participation of 702 exhibitors, including 542 Indian exhibitors and 160 foreign exhibitors.

Besides, 160 MSMEs would also participate in the event to be held at Vrindavan Yojna, Sector 15, Lucknow.

Entry for the public would be free on February 8 and 9 (Indians and foreigners) while business visitors can visit the expo on February 5 and 7. Entry charges for business visitors (including Indian and foreigners) would be Rs 2,500 and Rs 5,000, respectively.

Endure 15 Unmanned Helicopter

Weight: 15kg

Specification: The Endure weighs around 13.5kg and is a gasoline powered fully automatic helicopter UAV.

It can fly up to 3 hours continuously, and can carry payload up to 3kg up to 70km range. The machine can be easily customised for other purposes including surveillance, payload delivery and infrastructure inspections.

AIRavat T12

Weight: 12kg

Description: High-speed data transfer, used to avoid surveillance deterrence, heavier payload capacity to lift, indigenously developed machine.

AIRavat T90

Weight: 90kg

Description: It can carry even heavier payload with greater stability and is apt for border surveillance, perimeter security, long range communication repeater\relay, even in hilly terrain.

Drone Bullet

Weight: 910grams

Description: It is a fully autonomous quad-copter, having machine vision to detect and counter drones. It can also be used as hard kill option (to destroy other drones by crashing into it) and it utilises the latest advancement in machine vision and could be used to destroy rogue drones.

Alfa-S UAS

Description: It is air-launched, used for swarming, to counter advanced next generation anti-access area denial threats. It is developed by new space research and technologies.

Mini Black Bird 1280

Description: It’s a detector that enables high fidelity imaging for varied applications installed on systems worldwide for air-borne, ground and naval applications. The detector was designed to meet variety of applications that requires 24x7 operations such as border surveillance, critical infrastructure security etc.

Rattler-Super Sonic target

Weight: 30kg

Description: The rattler ground air-launched Super Sonic target system has been designed and engineered to realistically replicate air-launched anti-radiation missile. It is suitable to be used on land or in sea and has a range of around 100km. The rattler has achieved ground launch speed more than 1.85 mach.

Wireless Micro Surveillance Robot

Weight: 1kg

Description: It is a throw-able reconnaissance robot used in law enforcement and military applications. The robot can be used by soldiers, dismounted patrols and other special operation teams. It offers real-time situational awareness and greater stand of distance. It can identify potential IEDs, locate the enemy.

Spy D-Nano

Weight: Less than 250 gms

Specifications: Ultra light weight drone, high functioning, designed and manufactured in India, can transmit live videos with thermal camera and has flight time up to 15 minutes. Its flight can be monitored through mobile.

SDE Spectre

Weight: 15kg

Specification: A drone used for informed surveillance, long range, asset monitoring, search and rescue operations in deserted areas, can also be used for payload delivery, with artificial intelligence enabled optical and thermal imager. It has air-time of more than 2 hours.

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