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Joy of being with him

We always seek pleasures, because that is an intrinsic nature of an eternal and conscious soul.

columns Updated: Jul 23, 2013 00:35 IST
Hindustan Times

We always seek pleasures, because that is an intrinsic nature of an eternal and conscious soul.

Therefore, one can say pleasures are important for us. Many of us spend some time in connection with God. Does such an exercise give us any pleasure? Unfortunately, austerity and God have become synonymous, i.e. activities related to God are assumed to be painful. Is it really true?

Let us examine some pleasures associated with God. The first pleasure is of eating sumptuous ‘prasad’, which all of us have experienced many times in our lives. The next pleasure is of seeing beautiful deities in temples as well as superb pictures in our calendars, etc. How about the smelling of incense? When we hear God-related talks, which enthuse greatly, we feel good. When we go to a well maintained temple, how does it feel? How about bathing in a sacred river like the Ganges? Needless to say, it satisfies our senses.

All these pleasures are related to the senses. Consider what effects could be on our minds when we connect with God or experience him. The first feeling is of being secure.

It is not surprising because God is omnipotent and ever present. One will be peaceful because God is unlimited. There will be a feeling of fulfillment, because parts, which we all are, can have this feeling when connected with the whole. One will feel pure because God is purity personified.

Feeling of goodness will manifest in us. There will be hope, which is a priceless pleasure or relief. Not only are there many pleasures related to God, but they are superior.

They increase with time unlike sense pleasures, which reduce. For example, a tasty dish does not taste so tasty when we keep on eating it. The pleasure from God is unlimited. And the extent of pleasure depends upon the strength of our bond with God.

First Published: Jul 23, 2013 00:32 IST