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Wise people moderate

There is a belief that plenty makes good. Is it so? Plenty can make worse if improperly made use of. Babu Vellera writes.

columns Updated: Feb 05, 2013 23:04 IST
Babu Vellera

There is a belief that plenty makes good. Is it so? Plenty can make worse if improperly made use of.

The other day while traveling in a bus, the company of an old man made all the difference. He was jovial and cheerful and full of enthusiasm for life. I wondered about his longevity, health and cheerful disposition. He was quick in reply, "I had everything in moderation. I never over-indulged in anything. I considered health to be essential to be happy as much as wealth. Happiness comes not only with riches but with health."

What we miss in today's materialistic world is the quality of life. We spend our health to earn money and later spend our money to retrieve our health. A systematic way ensures blissful life. The quality of life is no less important than the quantum of life. Happiness comes from a settled mind, healthy and wealthy in spirits.

Common economics teaches us The Law of Diminishing Returns. Forgetful, we keep on accumulating more and more wealth. Later, it becomes a habit which never dies. Not to say that money is bad, but it is not everything.

We all need inner peace to progress. Who will gift peace to yourself? Money cannot ensure peace. It can give security. It is a matter of convenience. Relations are a must to enrich human existence. One man or woman cannot lead a peaceful life. We all need somebody to rely, share and feel. Isolated, one cannot have a life. The word "I" is the total sum of others' contribution. We should remember. It will be unpleasant if we are left with no one to receive or give support.

We need everything. Happiness, sorrow, emotions, familial connections, societal interactions, a community, a country, care and share which all pillar human existence. Many times excesses make things worse. It is like a painter spoiling his show by using excess paint. Wise people know the art of moderation. It should be a role model for all.