Witerati: Selfie consciousness, Netanyahu style

It speaks volumes that Netanyahu made possible what thus far was impossible — unwittingly fitting into the same frame estranged ex-lovers Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi.

columns Updated: Jan 20, 2018 22:16 IST
Chetna Keer
Chetna Keer
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Benjamin Netanyahu,Israel PM in India,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan takes a selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Bollywood personalities during ‘Shalom Bollywood’, an evening to celebrate Israeli and Indian Bollywood relations during his visit in Mumbai on Thursday.(PTI Photo)

That Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu fitted a sizeable part of Bollywood into the same selfie frame speaks volumes.

It speaks volumes because in sheer size his selfie hoped to do for Bollywood what the Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie did for Hollywood. The selfie had Big B and Benjamin rubbing shoulders with Subhash Ghai, Imtiaz Ali, KJo & Co.

It speaks volumes that in a tinsel town where star vanities are often as bloated as the Versace ensembles in which they floated, where it is oftentimes difficult to bring two rival stars on the same stage, leave alone selfie frame, Netanyahu accomplished this mission impossible.

It speaks volumes that he made possible what thus far was impossible — unwittingly fitting into the same frame estranged ex-lovers Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi.

With self(ie) centred star vanities making Netanyahu’s selfie moment sporting many a pout, the Israeli premier’s selfie diplomacy was proven beyond doubt. His selfie diplomacy could inspire more face-to-face encounters:

EX-FILES: Now that Netanyahu has gotten two Bollywood ex-flames selfie conscious in same frames, his selfie diplomacy could be stretched to other Ex-factors. Starting with who else but Aishwarya and Salman Khan.

The selfie caption: “Chal Benjie selfie le le re …”

KRISSH & TELL: The real coup could be if Netanyahu-style selfie diplomacy were to do what showmans of the small screen Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma & Co couldn’t — bring into the same frame ‘Hate Story’ bete noires Hrithik and Kangana.

What Arnab’s decibel diplomacy and regurgitating gab couldn’t grab — Kangana’s sound ‘n’ fury fab; or what Rajat’s “Aap ki Adalat’ couldn’t court — ‘Krissh’ and tell; Netanyahu’s selfie diplomacy could help get this pair “framed”.

The selfie caption: Milaap Ki Adaalat.

WAR OF THE POSES: Perhaps, Netanyahu’s next trip should be to the US White House. Nah, not for bilateral diplomacy driven by self-interest, but lateral diplomacy riding selfie interest. To bring US First Lady Melania Trump and First Wife Ivana laterally into the same selfie frame.

War of the roses is history. Enter the ‘War of the (selfie) Poses’.

The selfie caption: Netanyahu’s “Trump Card”.

SUDHUISM MEETS SHASHISM: Another shot at selfie diplomacy could be giving two famous “isms” their day out on Instagram India. Proponent of signature punchlines Navjot Sidhu sharing a selfie moment with a parliamentarian whose English doesn’t believe in drawing the line, Shashi Tharoor. Sidhu-isms meet Shashisms.

The challenge would lie in captioning the selfie. If this responsibility fell more on Kerala than Punjab, it could spell the birth of a new “ism”:

“This farrago of pixelated positioning of parliamentarians-cum-proponents of Indian vocabulary’s two popular “isms”, powered further by “isms” of the skepticism and narcissism kind, could semantically be described as “Selfie-ism”!

PIDI-MAN: Another selfie we’d love to see is of two powerful pets sharing the same frame. The Congress and BJD straddle rival benches and never the twain shall meet, but their canines could tread common ground, a la tweet. How about Rahul Gandhi’s terrier “Pidi” getting selfie Centre-d with Jay Panda’s dalmatian “Buddy”? Doing what else but tutoring “Buddy” to tweet on behalf of the master, that being Pidi’s claim to fame.

The selfie caption: Tweet discreet, Left Right Centre!

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First Published: Jan 20, 2018 22:16 IST