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Your favourite movies on the big screen this week

Here is my review of some of the entertainment this week:

columns Updated: Apr 04, 2015 22:34 IST

Here is my review of some of the entertainment this week:

Girimorphosis: As Giri Raj awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a Nigerian woman. That is the famous opening scene of the movie ‘Girimorphosis’, an excellent production in the ‘film noir’ tradition. Giri is horrified at the transmogrification and worries about how he will face his cronies. Who would agree to let him/her lead the party now? Who would marry him/her? Could this be an opportunity to work out a Nigerian email scam? Would he/she have to call himself Girirani? To learn more about Giri’s worries, go and watch the film or pick up a copy of Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’, on which it is loosely based.

Waiting for Rahul: This movie is about two weary Congressmen who wait endlessly for a person called Rahul. Will He deign to come? Will He bring them redemption and salvation? Or is it futile to pin one’s hopes on Him? Is it not absurd to wait for Him? This movie has been a big hit with critics, simply because it finally supplies the long-awaited answer to that old and intriguing question ‘Who is Godot?’ The answer: Rahul.

Aapimal Farm: This horticultural movie is based upon the story of the much-oppressed Mango people, who revolt against the rule of the Banana folk, who make people go bananas and who created a Banana Republic. A Mango Republic is set up under the slogan ‘All mangoes are equal’. But, as usually happens, the mango people start bickering amongst themselves, with the Bhushan mangoes, the Yogendra variety and the Kejris all claiming they are more equal than the others. Big Banana watches from the sidelines and laughs, sipping his mango margarita while other old fruits give them the raspberry. The Kejris soon make mango jam and pickles out of the mango people and the movie ends with the memorable line, ‘The fruitcakes outside looked from mango to banana, and from banana to mango: but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

The Potato-lover: This is one of those philosophical movies that ask profound questions about the meaning of being. The question this film asks us and Jagdish Bhagwati is: If a person has a friend of 40 years who is a fervent potato-eater, if his cousin’s daughter’s husband is a famous potato chef, if his aunt’s daughter-in-law almost married a potato once, if his boss’s boyfriend’s cook’s father-in-law had written a book on potatoes, published by Potato Publishers, if they played with potatoes at his school, but if he himself wrote an anti-potato diatribe, is he a potato-lover, a potato-hater, or merely a toady?

The Beef Addict: This is an uplifting film about a man addicted to beef who is cured by the love of a good woman. The gent frequents shady beef-eating places, always on the run from the cops. Then he meets this angel who tries to mend his ways. But all her efforts are in vain and she is at her wits’ end, till she buys a bottle of rum and two glasses. Within a few months they both forget all about beef, becoming cheery alcoholics instead. It’s always nice to watch a simple story with a happy ending.
Manas Chakravarty is Consulting Editor, Mint
The views expressed by the author are personal

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