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India vs South Africa highlights, 2nd Test, Day 4: Dominant India thump South Africa by innings and 137 runs, clinch series 2-0

India vs South Africa highlights, 2nd Test, Day 4: Catch all the highlights from Ind vs SA match from Pune.

By HT Correspondent | Oct 13, 2019 15:56 IST

As it happened: Virat Kohli opted to enforce the follow-on this morning and India have cleaned up South Africa in just 67.2 overs in the second innings. It’s also a world record 11th consecutive home series win for India. It was a truly combined bowling performance by the side as all the bowlers chipped in with wickets.

On Day 3, the South African top order was blown away, there was resistance from Faf du Plessis, but the relentless Indian bowlers kept at it and reduced the visitors to 162 for 8 before Keshav Maharaj and Vernon Philander, combined to frustrate India with a stubborn and defiant ninth-wicket partnership of 109 runs. This could well have warded off an innings defeat, but their task will still be cut out on day 4 and day 5.


As it happened:

15:31 hrs IST

Virat Kohli, man of the match

“As I said a couple of days back, it’s getting the responsibility of being captain. If you go out planning a double hundred you won’t get it, but if you go out planning to bat for five sessions, the double hundred will come. Earlier, I would think more from a personal point of view, but thinking of the team, all that pressure doesn’t come. (on early career) sometimes you play to prove people wrong but I’m at the stage of my career where I’m just happy to be where I am. Putting the team in a commanding position is the only thing I strive for. Of course I enjoy scoring runs, but if they come in a winning cause, nothing like it. You have to look forward to facing the new ball in the morning. I really enjoy batting with Jinx (Rahane). When we have a partnership we invariably take the game forward. We take a lot of pride in contributing when the situation is tough. He keeps giving me regular feedback when things are going wrong, and vice versa as well.

15:26 hrs IST

Faf du Plessis speaks

We know in the subcontinent your first innings is really important. The runs you put on the board gives you a chance. But the way India batted, especially Virat with 250, it takes a lot of mental toughness. Two days in the field can wear you down. Especially that second evening, the batsmen were a bit weak in the mindset. From then it’s playing catch-up. We were found wanting in this Test match. As a captain you try and think of ways how you can change fields and bowlers, but all the questions we threw at him, he had answers for. He (Kohli) was too good. The hunger stood out, it was great value for us as batters. He wasn’t satisfied with 100, 150. (Seamer instead of spinner) I think it was the right decision for this pitch. Vernon and KG created some pressure first up but we need another bowler who can add the pressure. Unfair to expect a young fast bowler making his debut to come in and do everything. That’s what India do very well, they bowl well in pairs. Lungi Ngidi is fine, he’s working on his fitness. As a big fast bowler, it’s not always easy to come and bowl second and third spells. If he’s fine, we might throw him in the mix for the next Test. All in all, India are deserving series winners. They are very tough to beat at home, their record speaks for itself.

15:08 hrs IST

Umesh Yadav

I need to give him a treat because I think those two wickets are Wriddhi bhai’s only. When you put the ball outside leg stump you think it’ll be a boundary, but if there is a little bit chance to convert a catch, we know he will take it. I know that there is a lot of competition in the team so whoever comes in has to do well. I knew that it was important I do well if I get a chance. The way we are winning matches, you have to have the mindset to grab your chances.

15:04 hrs IST

Jadeja strikes, India win

The flat ball on the stumps does the trick for India. Maharaj is trapped in front and the umpire says out. India can celebrate, they have thumped South Africa by an innings and 137 runs. Convincing performance by the hosts.

14:58 hrs IST

Rabada departs

The perfect length ball angled away from the left-hander, he dangles his bat outside off, gets the outside edge and Rohit takes a smart catch at wide second slip. India are now just one wicket away from a thumping win.

14:54 hrs IST

Umesh breaks through

India have the lucky break, Umesh angles one length ball down the leg side, Philander tries to tuck it away, gets bat onto it and Saha plucks the catch. Finally, the break for India, South Africa are 8 down now. In walks Kagiso Rabada.

14:38 hrs IST

India’s struggle continues

Umesh Yadav has the ball as India look to grab the final three wickets. This pair is proving to be a real thorn in the flesh for the Indian team - they added 109 in the first innings. This is the type of resilience the top order was expected to show.

14:02 hrs IST

Great resistance being shown

Philander and Maharaj are at it again, they are showing a lot of heart and grit and keeping the Indian attack at bay. The ball has become softer which is not helping the bowlers, but credit has to be given to the batsmen to keeping their wits about them.

13:51 hrs IST

Jadeja is getting frustrated

Too many close shaves are getting to Jadeja. He has come close, but the wicket is still evading him and this is getting to him at the moment. Philander and Maharaj continue to frustrate the Indians.

13:37 hrs IST

Maharaj, Philander are batting together

Keshav Maharaj and Vernon Philander, combined to frustrate India with a stubborn and defiant ninth-wicket partnership of 109 runs in the first innings and they are back together. Shami is far more aggressive and has gone after Maharaj with short-pitched stuff.

13:21 hrs IST

Shami strikes

An absolute snorter from Shami, the ball bounces from a length, Muthusamy has nowhere to go, sticks out his gloves, the ball takes it and flies to Rohit at second slip. SA are falling in a heap now.

13:08 hrs IST

Rahane steps in

Tossed up ball on off, Bavuma goes for an expansive drive, the ball grabs the edge and flies towards Rahane’s left. He dives, sticks out his left hand and takes a superb catch. Jadeja strikes and this marks the end of an enterprising innings by Bavuma.

13:02 hrs IST

That Saha catch

Saha’s stunning grab in the morning session was one of the talking points. He moved to his left, then put in a dive, stuck out a paw and grabbed the catch.

Read more about it here.

12:51 hrs IST

India need to be patient

Kohli has set an aggressive field, but the batsmen are showing good restraint. As such, the Indian bowlers need to be patient. And, well, Shami has been introduced into the attack.

12:43 hrs IST

Bavuma, Muthusamy offering resistance

They have been beaten on more than one occasion, but they are also putting away the loose deliveries. Good resistance is being offered, they have to believe they can bat out this one hour and then take it from there.

12:34 hrs IST

Good spell for India

The maiden overs are being strung in, there is real pressure being exerted on South Africa at the moment. Bavuma and Muthusamy are content in defending the balls, but well, this pitch has started playing tricks. It will not be too easy.

12:19 hrs IST

de Kock departs

He would not want to walk back to the dressing room after that stroke. It was a cross-batted slog across the line and the ball spun and smashed the stumps. South Africa slump further, they are 5 down. India on the march.

12:10 hrs IST

Day 4 Session 2

Action resumes after lunch on Day 4. Ravichandran Ashwin to start the proceedings for India and it will be Quinton de Kock who will take strike. Can South Africa stage a comeback or India will it be India all the way?

11:34 hrs IST


That should be lunch on Day 4. India have bossed the session once more after asking South Africa to follow-on. Ishant Sharma got things rolling with the wicket of Aiden Markram off the second ball. Umesh then struck to get rid of Theunis de Bruyn as Saha leapt to his left to claim a stunning catch. Ashwin then stepped in and got rid of Faf du Plessis and Dean Elgar in quick succession to put South Africa on the mat.

11:26 hrs IST

Oh dear, Elgar

Tossed up ball by Ashwin, Elgar looks to take him downtown, the ball spins a touch, takes the outer splice of the bat and lobs over to Umesh Yadav at deep mid off. He juggled too, but India have their fourth wicket. SA are on the mat here.

11:23 hrs IST

Faf has been removed

Top delivery by Ashwin, spins in takes the bottom of the bat and goes low to Saha who juggles with it and then knocks the ball up, runs forward, dives and takes the catch.

11:14 hrs IST

Jadeja is looking threatening

On this pitch, Jadeja will be a big threat and he is already getting the ball to turn and bounce sharply and well, it is always a delight to see Saha keep on such surfaces. He is just to smooth and confident behind the stumps.

11:08 hrs IST

Ashwin, Shami building pressure

This is a good passage of play for the Indian bowlers. Both Shami and Ashwin have put a pause on the scoring rate and now Jadeja has the ball. This will never get easy for South Africa, however, with the ball becoming softer, the batsmen too have a chance.

10:55 hrs IST

Shami has hit his stride

The fast-bowler was superb in the second innings in Vizag and has started brilliantly here too. He has found his channel and is relentless with his line and length outside the off stump. Faf du Plessis is content in leaving the ball outside the off stump.

10:45 hrs IST

Ashwin on the money

This has been a good start by R Ashwin, he is getting the ball to turn and bounce and posing plenty of questions to the South African batsmen. This pitch has something in it for all bowlers and this is where the Indian bowling is so well covered.

10:32 hrs IST

Elgar holds the key

The left-hander was superb in Vizag and here too, he holds the key. After a scratchy start, he has grown in confidence. Faf is an able ally, this is an important stand for South Africa, these two have to drop anchor.

We take drinks.

10:17 hrs IST

Sensational Saha

The ball was angled into the pads, de Bruyn gets a good bat on to it and the ball flies towards Saha’s left who leaps with his left hand outstretched and snaffles an absolutely stunning catch. Superb catch and this is an excellent start for the hosts.

9:57 hrs IST

It has been all streaky

Excellent, probing stuff by the Indian bowlers, they have drawn the edges, but the ball keeps evading the fielders. South Africa have got 4 boundaries, but none of the boundaries will draw any confidence.

9:43 hrs IST

Kohli has dropped a catch

Lovely ball from Umesh, gets it to seam away, draws the edge from Theunis de Bruyn and the ball carries low to Virat Kohli who gets his hands down but is not able to hold on to the catch. The lucky break South Africa need, but then, it has been a great start by the Indian bowlers.

9:34 hrs IST

Ishant strikes

What a start, what a ball. Aiden Markram has been trapped right in front of the stumps for the second time this Test match. He has bagged a pair, this is a horror start to the day for South Africa. India are all over them!

9:31 hrs IST

Out walk the players

Dean Elgar and Aiden Markram are out there and so are the Indian players. Ishant Sharma will start proceedings with the new ball. 3 slips and a gully in position. And the first delivery is an absolute corker - decks back in after pitching, superb start.

9:24 hrs IST

India have enforced the follow-on, Gavaskar weighs in

India have five bowlers, so the workload is distributed, and there is always the threat of sudden rain. Plus the pitch being not that difficult means you might need more time to get 10 wickets, believes Sunil Gavaskar.

Kohli has indeed enforced the follow-on, all eyes will be on the South Africa top order.

9:11 hrs IST

Bharat Arun on Indian bowlers

I think they have been exceptional over the last two years. And the conditions here, we thought pacers would definitely have something to do in case we need to bowl first. Each one’s strengths are different. Umesh is pretty good with the new ball, Shami is good with the new and old ball as well. The wicket has been pretty placid, in the sense that we got 600 for the loss of five wickets and yesterday, their tail batted exceptionally well. In terms of bounce, yes there is pretty good wear and tear, so yes, the spinners would love that. Depending on what kind of rough there is, we decide on the spinners choosing ends. But during the course of the game, they do switch ends to find out if there is anything. So we do decide earlier but then the decision is taken on the field ultimately too. Our bowlers are prepared (to bowl). They have had sufficient rest and are all ready to go.

8:57 hrs IST

Gavaskar on security breach

The issue of pitch invaders during matches in India has become a common occurrence. Twice fans broke on to the field during India’s 2nd T20I against South Africa in Mohali. Similar thing happened during India’s 1st Test against the Proteas in Visakhapatnam. Now, on Day 3 of the 2nd Test between the two teams in Pune, a fan went past the security forces to ran inside the stadium, just after the Lunch break.

The pitch invader ran straight towards batsman Rohit Sharma and in his attempts to kiss his feet, he took the cricketer down with him, before he was taken away by the security guards.

Read more about it here.

8:21 hrs IST

Ian Chappell writes

Many fans will nod knowingly and exclaim; “I’ve seen this script before—Rohit Sharma starts out with a bang in Test cricket.” However, unlike a regurgitated version of an old movie, this script has a new twist; Rohit opened for the first time. On Test debut, Rohit scored a century against West Indies and followed up with another one in the next match. On both occasions he batted at six, behind the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

When he recently debuted as a Test opener against South Africa, he scored twin centuries against a strong attack headed by Kagiso Rabada and Vernon Philander. As an opener, he preceded Kohli, which could be an important factor in whether this incarnation of Rohit is a success or a failure.

Read more about this here.

8:06 hrs IST

Saha the best keeper?

Ashwin was all praise for Wriddiman Saha. Saha had a productive day behind the stumps, taking a brilliant catch off Umesh Yadav to dismiss Theunis de Bruyne and playing an important role in successfully overturning a caught behind appeal off Temba Bavuma that did not go India’s way.

“It’s a no-brainer to say Saha is one of the best (wicketkeepers) going around. I hardly saw him miss anything today even from the rough. It shows how good a keeper he is and what good set of hands he has got. He’s got a great composure too and you can’t really rule him out with the bat. He has made some really good contributions so he is a great wicketkeeper to have for us,” he told reporters.

7:54 hrs IST

Should Kohli enforce follow on?

Here is what R Ashwin has to say:

“I haven’t thought about the follow-on,” Ashwin told reporters at the end of the day’s play at the MCA stadium when asked about his opinion on it. “The captain will decide overnight what we should do. It also depends upon how the bowlers recover tomorrow.”

7:37 hrs IST

South Africa show resistance

From 139 for seven in 44.2 overs, South Africa’s tail-enders did well in the end to keep India in the field for more than 100 overs. If India decide not to enforce the follow-on, all credit will go to South Africa’s ninth-wicket pair of Keshav Maharaj and Vernon Philander. The two made the bowlers toil throughout the day after South Africa lost the wicket of skipper Faf Du Plessis at the total of 162. They were 275, conceding a lead of 326 runs.

Read about day 3 here.

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