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Lawson backtracks & apologises again

Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson backtracks on his apology for making unpleasant remarks to media persons but expresses regret again after reporters protest.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, Karachi
UPDATED ON JUL 01, 2008 02:16 PM IST

In a major flip-flop, Pakistan chief coach Geoff Lawson on Monday backtracked on his apology for making unpleasant remarks to media persons at a post-match conference but expressed regret again after reporters staged a demonstration.

Lawson was said to have made an unconditional apology for last night's incident in a statement issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board but the coach, while talking to reporters at the Pakistan team nets at another venue, insisted he had only apologised to those media person who stayed back at the conference as he could not take their questions.

"I don't like to be disrespected," he said at the nets.

As soon as the word spread about Lawson retracting on his apology, the local media decided to protest strongly which they did by going out and holding a demonstration outside the stadium and wearing black arm bands.

The protest came by the local journalists who were joined by the foreign media people covering the tournament.

Board officials who tried to pacify the media were told clearly only an unconditional apology from Lawson would be acceptable.

This came an hour later after a top official of the Board met with Lawson and informed him about the worsening situation.

In the new statement issued in his handwriting and signature, Lawson gave an unconditional apology to all the media people present at the conference and said he looked forward to enjoying a cordial and good working relationship with them in future.

Lawson had clashed with local reporters after they objected to his dictatorial behaviour at the conference.

"A couple of rules before we start dont make statements, ask questions. If someone asks the question twice I wont answer it, and make your question sensible otherwise I wont answer it, okay," he said.

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