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NZ-U19 vs IRE-U19 Super Six - Match 11 Results

Super Six - Match 11, Bloemfontein, February 03, 2024, ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2024
Ireland Under-19 beat New Zealand Under-19 by 41 runs (DLS method)
Ireland Under-19267/9 (50.0 overs)
2/49 (10)
New Zealand Under-19131/5 (32.1 overs)
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New Zealand Under-19 vs Ireland Under-19 Commentary

4:21 PM IST Right then, that is it from the game. Ireland Under-19 walked out of the tournament with their heads held high. The action in the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup action continues as we have a semi-finals between India Under-19 and South Africa Under-19 on Tuesday, the 6th of February. The game will begin at  1.30 pm IST (8 am GMT) but do join us for the early build-up as well. Until then, take care, and cheers!
4:20 PM IST Philippus le Roux skipper of Ireland Under-19 says that they started their inning pretty decent and the innings of Kian Hilton and Gavin Roulston were on another level. He continues that they were confident with the target and the bowlers also reacted really well in the second innings. He also praised New Zealand Under-19 for playing really great and they pushed them to their limit as well.
4:15 PM IST Oscar Jackson, skipper of New Zealand Under-19 says that he was happy to get the bowl first and he was happy and confident with the target but he thinks that they started a bit slow and that is where they lost the match. He continues that they enjoyed the campaign and got a lot of exposure from the matches and he is sure all the players of his team enjoyed it and will learn something positive from it.
4:11 PM IST Kian Hilton wins the player of the match and says that he thought that 260 would be par but he is happy to win the match. He continues that he enjoyed the catch and he was a bit lucky out there.
4:11 PM IST Presentation Time...
4:10 PM IST Earlier in the match, the New Zealand Under-19 team struggled with their bowling performance, initially failing to contain the Irish batters. However, they managed to pick up wickets later in the innings, with Ewald Schreuder particularly impressive by taking three wickets in a single over. The Irish Under-19 team put up a solid batting display, with Kian Hilton and Gavin Roulston leading the way. They had a strong partnership of 129 runs, with Hilton scoring 72 and Roulston scoring 82. They ended up with a total of 267 on the board.
4:09 PM IST Ireland Under-19 bowlers were excellent! It was Oliver Riley who ran over the top order and was the pick of the bowlers for them as he picked up three wickets. Harry Dyer chipped in with and the rest of the bowlers were wicketless.
4:06 PM IST So, in the end, the match has been CALLED OFF. The weather has a say and it is Ireland Under-19 win the game by 41 runs (DLS method)! Having an above-par total of 267 runs on the board, the Irish players kept on picking timely wickets. They had the Kiwis on the back foot as the Kiwis were reeling on 131/5 before the game was called off.
3:41 PM IST Update: 9.11 pm IST (3:41 pm GMT) Still bad news folks! the lightning is pretty heavy near the venue. The only good news is the pitch is not covered which means no threat of rain. All we can do is wait and pray to get to see some game of cricket.
2:34 PM IST Update: 8.04 pm IST (2.34 pm GMT) The umpires called for drinks, but there was some lightning in the vicinity, which forced the players to get off the field. Let's hope it clears soon and we get a full game of cricket. Stay tuned for regular updates...
End of over 32.10 run
NZ-U19: 131/5CRR: 4.07
  • W

Harry Dyer to Snehith Reddy, no run

OUT! STUMPED! Bowls it slower through the air and tempts the batter. Snehith Reddy dances down the track but fails to reach the pitch of the delivery. Ryan Hunter behind the sticks collects it well and makes a good stumping. The umpires check for the replay and the replay shows that Snehith Reddy was just off his crease.

End of over 327 runs
NZ-U19: 131/4CRR: 4.09RRR: 7.61
  • 1
  • 0
  • 4
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  • 1
  • 1

John McNally to Snehith Reddy, 1 run

Bowls it on off, Snehith Reddy drives it to covers for one.

NZ-U19 vs IRE-U19 Venue Details

Mangaung Oval, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Mangaung Oval, Bloemfontein
PitchBatting friendly
Temperature, 26.67C, Thunderstorm
Humidity - 47%Wind Speed 4.63 meter/sec
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