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Old and ill, left to die on the street

A 75-year-old woman who was found abandoned near a bus stand in Patparganj area in East Delhi says she was beaten up by elder son, his wife even as his younger son left her in Patparganj
Hindustan Times | By Vijaita Singh, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 03, 2008 01:34 AM IST

A 75-year-old woman was found abandoned near a bus stand in Patparganj area in East Delhi on Sunday morning. The woman, suffering from breathing problems and a fractured arm, lay writhing in pain on the roadside till passersby called the police.

Ram Pyaari, the victim, said that she was often beaten up and denied food by the elder of her two sons, Govind and his wife Sonia. They are living in Trilokpuri.

Her younger son Sonu, who is unemployed, brought the elderly woman to the Patparganj bus stand and left her there.

“Sonu told me that he is going to fetch money from Uttam Nagar. With that money he would send me to Rajasthan where my daughter lives. I have been lying here since morning as he has not returned,” said Ram Pyaari, crying hysterically.

After she was found lying on a roadside, Hindustan Times contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Ajay Chaudhry whose team came to the rescue of the woman.

Ram Pyaari said that she was being harassed continuously by her elder son, and that he often kept denied her food and water for days.

“A few days ago Govind beat me up. He broke my right hand, I am unable to move it now. His wife tells me that I am a burden for them since I am not earning. My health

does not allow me to work, I want to die instead of living such a humiliating life,” said Ram Pyaari.

The elderly woman was not even able to give her address but she knew directions to her son’s home. When a police team reached Govind’s house, here is what he had to say, “We refuse to take care of her. When she sold the house, she did not give us any money. She is ill and defecates in the house, I am not going to clean the mess. I have four children. Who will take responsibility if they catch any disease from her?”

The daughter-in-law said that Ram Pyaari’s younger son Sonu should take care of her as she had given him the money after selling the house.

“Sonu does not want to take responsibility of his mother, all this when she gave him the money after selling the house. How can we take care of her? I only ask her to stay clean. I have too much work and can't cook for her,” said Sonia, the daughter-in-law.

Govind agreed to keep the elderly woman in the house only after the police threatened to slap a criminal case against him.

“We will keep an eye on Govind. If he misbehaves again, we will approach the protection officer who takes down complaints on domestic violence. We will then take action against him,” said DCP Ajay Chaudhry.

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