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The hallowed grounds

Jesus and Mary College, an all girls college in Delhi is an extended school with strict discipline.
Hindustan Times | By Neha Sharma, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 06, 2008 05:05 PM IST

The building looks like a haunted mansion. The college, many sigh, is an extended school with (more sighs) strict discipline. The students, high on glam are said to possess a no-nonsense attitude. Welcome to Jesus and Mary College (JMC).

First comes the gatekeeper - big moustache and ironed uniform. Infamous for: checking ID cards of students he sees everyday. Unpopular among boys for not letting them hover around the campus.

There lies an entirely different world inside the gates. The basement, where the Choreography Society rehearses dances, is the most popular hangout zone. Then there is the Photostat waala bhaiyaa. Girls vie for his attention with smooth talk to get notes xeroxed quickly.

But the canteen is no longer popular. Blame the price hike. The Manchurian rice sold earlier for Rs 30 is now priced at Rs 37. The bhelpuri waala who has been serving his spicy mix inside the canteen for many years has also suffered. Girls, instead, are preferring to have snacks outside at an outlet called Kareena's.

This eatery is the place to spot the JMC girls. Here they go to have momos and to maaro a sutta (JMC is a non-smoking zone). In CCD, opposite Taj Palace, JMC's studious girls write assignments and chat about ‘those boys'.

Unlike other colleges, JMC has a Sports Day complete with March Past and the left-right-left. It also has a gym.

The best place to gossip, however, are the staircases where girls huddle together. And yes, each time you head to the loo, you would come across hushed whispers (like: "hey, you know Sangeeta is dating a Stephanian"). Shhh, this talk is not supposed to leak out of the boundary walls.

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