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Monday, Sep 16, 2019

CBSE sample question paper download 2019 for Chemistry

CBSE boards and other state board exams are round the corner. With just few days left for the board exams to start, it is time to revise and attempt mock tests. HT will bring to you sample papers of major subjects for your practice, daily for the next few days. These questions are prepared by experts.

education Updated: Feb 14, 2019 19:31 IST

Hindustan Times, New Delhi
CBSE Board sample question paper of chemistry.
CBSE Board sample question paper of chemistry.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

1.Give one example of amorphous substance


What is Schottky defect in a solid?

2.What is IUPAC name of K3[F e(CN)5NO] ?

3.Name the type of potential difference produced between the fixed charged layer and diffused layer having opposite charges around the colloidal particle.


Give reason why a finely divided substance is more effective as an adsorbent.

4.Write the products obtained when benzyl phenyl ether is heated with HI

5.What type of linkage holds together the monomers of DNA?

6.Calculate the amount of CaCl2 (molar mass = 111g mol−1 ) which must be added to 500g of water to lower its freezing point by 2K, assuming CaCl2 is completely dissociated. ( Kf for water = 1.86 K kg mol−1)


State Raoult’s law for a solution containing volatile liquids. Explain with suitable example the concept of maximum boiling azeotropes.

7. Explain esterification reaction.


Identify the major products in the following reaction.

C6H5COOH + M eMgI →

8.What is disinfectant? Give two examples.

CBSE 2019 sample question paper for Chemistry: Attempt these questions to practise for board exams

9.Give the following reaction:

1.Hydration of alkene

2.Prepare ethene from ethyl alcohol

10.Ajay and Vijay live on a hill station. Ajay cooks vegetables and pulses in an open pan whereas Vijay uses pressure cooker for his cooking.

a.Who can cook vegetable faster and why?

b.Why is cooking process slow in an open pan

11.What are the structures of metaphosphoric acid and trimetaphosphoric acid?

12.Iron can be protected from rusting by coating with zinc. How does it prevent oxidation of iron?

13.The density of CaF 2 is 3.18g/cm3 at 20oC . Calculate the dimension of a unit cube of the substance containing four Ca+2 and eight F-1 ions

14.Write chemical equations for the following reactions:

a.Oxidation of nitrite ion by MnO4 in acidic medium

b.Acidification of potassium chromate solution.

c.Disproportionation of Manganese (VI) in acidic solution

15.Draw the structure and name the product formed if the following alcohols are oxidised. Assume that an excess of oxidising agent is used.

(i)CH3 − CH2 − CH2 − CH2 − OH



(The questions given here are provided by Answers will be provided shortly. Stay tuned to HT Education section for answers. Hindustan Times does not take any responsibility for the questions or the answers)

First Published: Feb 05, 2019 15:14 IST