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10 important tips to help you increase your chances of success in the UPSC Interview round

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Oct 17, 2023 12:36 PM IST

Confidence, humility, and composure are your greatest assets during the UPSC interview.

The UPSC interview round, also known as the Personality Test, is a crucial step in the Civil Services Examination. It is the final frontier, where your personality, knowledge, and decision-making abilities are assessed.

The UPSC interview round is not just a test of knowledge but a test of character.
The UPSC interview round is not just a test of knowledge but a test of character.

To help you succeed in this stage, here are ten essential tips to ensure you make a lasting impression during your UPSC interview.

  • Maintain the Right Sitting Posture

Your posture plays a significant role in how you come across during the interview. Sit at the back of the chair with the last vertebra of your back touching the chair's corner. This posture allows for proper oxygen flow, helping you answer questions more confidently and loudly.

  • Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Avoid fidgeting and waving your hands in the air while explaining a topic. Hold your tie with one hand while taking a seat and avoid letting your tie touch the table top. Maintain a calm and composed demeanor throughout the interview.

  • Follow Proper Etiquette for Entering and Leaving

When entering the interview room, ask for permission from the Chairman, greet the panel head, and ask for permission to sit.

Ensure you thank each member individually when leaving. Keep your hands off the table and avoid fidgeting with your wristwatch or accessories.

  • Dress Smartly

Wearing appropriate attire is crucial. For men, wear a tie with a buttoned collar, and if you choose to wear a blazer, unbutton it while sitting and button it while standing.

Women should be mindful of their saree-pallu or dress-dupatta to avoid creases and discomfort. Remove religious pieces and avoid checked or linen shirts.

  • Polite Responses to Questions

When responding to questions, maintain a polite and humble tone. Instead of simply saying "No, sir," consider phrases like "I beg to differ, sir," or "I believe that xyz." This reflects humility and respect for your seniors.

  • Take Your Time

If you need a moment to gather your thoughts, politely request it. Phrases like "just a second" or "I would need a little time to gather my thoughts on this one, sir" are appropriate.

  • Avoid Repetitive Phrases

Refrain from repeating phrases such as "I don't know exactly, but I think..." or using slang words. Speak confidently and directly to avoid unnecessary repetition.

  • Continue Speaking

Do not abruptly stop after providing an answer. Keep speaking until you are asked a follow-up question or you believe you have adequately addressed the topic.

  • Avoid Loaded Questions

Avoid loaded questions that may lead you to make negative or biased statements. Stay composed and diplomatic in your responses, even when discussing sensitive issues.

  • Be Mindful of Your Hobbies and Interests

While filling out your Detailed Application Form (DAF), be selective about the hobbies and areas of interest you mention. Don't list too many, so as to ensure that the questions asked during the interview are more focused.

In conclusion, the UPSC interview round is not just a test of knowledge but a test of character. Your demeanor, posture, and responses play a crucial role in making a positive impression on the interview panel.

By following these ten tips, you can increase your chances of success in this final stage of the civil services examination. Remember, confidence, humility, and composure are your greatest assets during the UPSC interview.

Best of luck with your preparation!

( Authored by Mrunal Patel, Vice President, UPSC at Unacademy. Views expressed here are personal)

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