New in Delhi University? 11 myths of college life debunked
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New in Delhi University? 11 myths of college life debunked

The admissions are over and now it is time to gear up for the first day at college. Some of you might already have your own ideas about college life. You might be surprised to find that some of them are not true.

education Updated: Jul 21, 2015 15:31 IST
Priyanka Sahoo
Priyanka Sahoo
Hindustan Times
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Students taking selfie at Guru Gobind Singh College for Women (GGSCW)campus after attending their classes on the first day of new session at sector 26, Chandigarh

Now that you are done with the tedious admission process in Delhi University, it's time to walk through the gate of your favourite college and live an under-graduate's life. The first few days of college, like it happens to everybody, is always a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Remember two things for the next three years in your life: one, that this is the most exciting phase of your life, and the other, that you will soon have to unlearn a lot of things to survive here.

To make your journey as memorable as you'd always dreamt of, we help you debunk a few myths attached with college life.

1. A well-known college is always a better option than the lesser-known ones.
If you think that only the most renowned colleges offer the best course, you can’t be any more wrong. Every college has something to offer. Some of the little-known colleges offer some of the best courses. Explore your options.

2. College life isn't just about parties
In popular culture, college life is synonymous with regular parties and boozing. You may be surprised to find out that caught between assignments and classes, you will have very little time left for partying.

3. Science is for the smart ones, arts is for pansies and commerce is for slackers. Not really!
With time, these notions that had been in existence for decades have toned down. Any of these specialisations is as good as the other two. Identifying one’s calling and pursuing it is what matters the most.

4. You cannot bunk classes whenever you feel like it
Most colleges have compulsory attendance systems and students have to attend a certain number of classes per subject to be eligible for exams.

5. It's not just about studies, studies, and more studies
Don’t let academics take away all your energy and time, because every college has many cultural and social events happening regularly. Let your hair down once in a while. Cultural events are fun and a great way to connect with people.

6. Did you just say profs are not approachable?
Contrary to popular belief among students, even the strictest teachers on campus are very approachable if you seek help from them, academic and otherwise. Professors will help you with anything from deciding on which college to go to for higher studies to that letter of recommendation you need for a job.

7. You are as smart as everybody else
There will be people more out-spoken than you are. That doesn’t make them any smarter than you. Try to be original and learn to articulate your ideas well.

8. Who says you won't be able to 'fit-in'?
College is a place where people of different cultures and backgrounds come together. For the introverts, this might initially seem like an intimidating experience. Talk to people and you’ll find out that most people are not only welcoming towards other cultures, they are also willing to learn about these cultures.

9. You will fall in love, but it may not last forever
Nurtured by movies and TV series, our ideas of college romances know no boundary. While some of you might fall in love right away, some will find love even in the last month of college. There will be some, with high ‘resistance’, who might not fall in love at all. And even if you find love, there is no guarantee that it will last forever.

10. Your grades may not decide your career
Grades are not representative of your intellect. Opportunities will not cease for you because you didn’t get an A in a subject. Make the most of your college and get a wholesome education.

11. Staying in hostel sucks. Really?
If you think hostels are all about squeaky beds, cockroaches and leaking toilets, you might be wrong. Hostel life is also about sharing, friendship, mid-night muchies, all-night chats and a bucket load of great memories.

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