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‘Should I write answers in points in the Class 10 boards history paper?’

Make sure that the questions asking for explanation and analysis are in paragraphs.

education Updated: Mar 12, 2013 16:04 IST
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How should one write answers in the Class 10 history board exam- in points or in paragraphs?
— Deepita Keshari

That depends on the question. The questions asking for explanation, description, analysis, justification need to be given in paragraphs than the questions asking for enumeration, listing, etc.

I am finding it tough to study economics. I understand the subject but my answers are not to the point. I scored 33 in my pre-board exam. Please help.
— Bhavna Saxena

Economics is a subject of logical analysis. Try to understand the basic concepts in a rational manner. Attempt the CBSE Sample question papers and previous years’ question papers available on the CBSE website within the given time period and get them corrected from the teacher for identifying weak areas. Work more on such deficient areas. Read the questions carefully and logically analyse them before answering. Do not worry much about your performance in pre-boards. Be confident and concentrate on your studies.

I am a Class 12 commerce student with maths. I didn’t score well in my pre-board exam. I revised the NCERT book but I am still not confident.
— Radhika Choudhary

Don’t worry too much about you performance in the pre-board examination. In order to feel confident, solve one or two complete sample papers and get it corrected from your teachers. Focus more on those content areas in which you are not confident.

I am a PCM with computer science student who has not studied so far. How I can prepare now?
— Rajat Dubey

You may refer to the exact syllabus in the subject and prepare accordingly. Concentrate on using only one or two textbooks including the NCERT textbook. Referring to the previous years’ papers, particularly in relation to the typology of questions asked in the examination will be helpful. Try solving numericals yourself and practise writing chemical equations in chemistry and solving as many questions as possible in maths.

Which are the common mistakes to avoid in the Class 12 geography paper?
— Tulika Vats

Geography cannot be studied by rote learning. Conceptual understanding is important. Don’t mug up data, tables, and graphs or maps. Try to analyse entries made therein. Students usually commit mistakes in the following areas:
* Correct location and labeling of places on the outline maps provided with the question paper.
* Reading the maps/ tables /diagrams and correct interpretation of entries made therein.
* Knowledge of geographical terms such as isotherms, isobars and isohyets etc. and their difference.
* Understanding of geographical concepts on the basis of location of places with regard to Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn.
* Correlation between geographical phenomenon such as between climate and vegetation, effect of water bodies on climate, natural resources found in a region and the kind of possible development of that region etc.

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First Published: Mar 12, 2013 15:58 IST