Stepping stone to a new life
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Stepping stone to a new life

HT Horizons’ campus journalists finally down anchor in colleges of their choice. They pledge to start afresh, to make a difference in their youthful existence, to lead and not meekly follow and chart a life where there is no end to learning

education Updated: Jul 14, 2010 10:24 IST

Vanshika Lady Sri Ram College for Women

July 7 - 4.15 pm , my eyes glued to the LSR ECA list.....down down down down......B.A Hons (English) - Vanshika Singh....July 8 - I am in Bangalore.
Finally it´s all over. The running around,unlimited xerox,Delhi heat, rains, humidity and the long queues.

The last three months have been tough. They tested my patience, tolerance and most important, gave me an insight into what constitutes change and impermanence and how giving importance to anything ultimately turns against you.

I need to finally thank a few people who directly or indirectly gave me the strength to learn all this.

First, every part of my school - DPS Mathura Road. From the head of the institution, all the teachers who taught me abcd´s to those corridors where I made some amazing friends.

Second, my parents. My father who I am extremely proud of. When somebody asks me the question - What does your father do? I hold my head high and tell them that he was in the Army.

I wish to thank my mother who burnt the midnight oil more than I did for the months of January, February and March so that I could get that cup of coffee once those formulae became Mission Impossible 4. She’s one lady who reminds me of former US president Abraham Lincoln who had once written to his son’s teacher.

I know I haven’t won an Oscar but I feel that the rat race has made us so inhuman that we are ready to remember the arguments we have had with our mentors but fail to recall the good times. So, this one is for the 18 years of learning which would not have been complete if I didn’t have a brother who taught me to deal with change and few friends who were available for 24 hours telephonic counselling.

It’s now time to start afresh and never stop learning.

Soham Shiva Hindu College

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.'”
- Charles M. Schulz

I will probably be in the same situation after a couple of years; everyone will. There will be decisions, whose cons override every benefit they have ever provided. There is no point expending energy over idealism; it doesn’t exist. The way I see it, it hardly matters what you believe in, just as long as you believe sincerely enough to defy all norms of correctness. I must admit that I had been living in an illusionary world all long. I was searching for the harbour on the the wrong map.

I had assumed English to be something it wasn't. After deep contemplation and obsessive research of the syllabi, I decided to drop English for philosophy. It is more in sync with my thought process. The prospect of understanding Plato, Aristotle, Socrates appeals a lot more to me than Elizabethan classics. Some bit of poetry that I've written has always been more influenced by Philosophy rather than linguistic brilliance.

Gauri Saxena Lady Sri Ram College for Women

Today it rains, with all its might and volume, and with that begins the season of water. This time of the year is usually very compassionate towards me. I was born when it was raining, in August. Since then, all the monsoons somehow or the other, bring me luck. And, this theory of mine is actually “tried and tested”. Each monsoon, for the last 17 years of my existence, has proved lucky for me. However, 2010 has proved to be slightly different. Well, for one, the luck phase sort of preponed itself. And when I say the luck phase, I mean it has been raining good news since April. The Board results took everybodyin my family, including myself with surprise, the decent CATE result, the Stephen's interview, the joy of getting through every college that I'd applied to and last but not the least, making it through LSR (which by the way NOW happens to be the top ranked institution for the study of humanities in the country, yes I already started praising my college). All this in a platter has overwhelmed me and my existence. Just like the rains, I feel refreshed and happy, very very happy.

Kshitij Sharan Hindu College

Our new life starts on August 20, when we have the orientation for this new chapter of our lives we call “college,” synonymously known as masti. As I think about the past months, I realise that all the planning we had done in the past two years was an absolute waste. Everything went haywire in the months following the Board exams; all our planning, all our strategies and all our dreams about the future. It all starts with the Board exams. After that came applications; some of us missed deadlines; some of us didn’t have adequate information and slowly our options became more and more restricted. Then came the biggest blow, the cut-offs. WOW !! As if the Board results were not enough! It’s all gone absolutely wrong somewhere. The sports quota students are left without a college, the girls don’t have sports teams, students in love with Delhi have gone to Mumbai, the ones who wanted to study in Mumbai have chosen average Delhi ones….no one knows exactly what is happening. It is all so confusing.

As we enter the real world, start a new chapter in our life, we should all take an oath - to live to make a difference and to lead the world.

First Published: Jul 13, 2010 15:27 IST