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Unpacking the insights revealed by measuring student satisfaction

By making student satisfaction as the yardstick, policymakers can infuse new life into an ageing system.

education Updated: Dec 26, 2018 12:38 IST
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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Measuring student satisfaction is the first step towards reforming the system(iStockphoto)

The Indian education system has been built over time to serve a very specific purpose, imparting knowledge to students and gauging their knowledge base with conventional assessments. It is true that the traditional model has adequately met expectations, but it has in many ways failed to keep up with the current educational climate. Many elements that are considered crucial to maintain a good learning environment for students have been largely ignored, leading to a high-stress, overburdening education system that has given little importance to the conditions under which students learn. The educational scenario is further impacted by the lack of new-age education reforms by the government and the inability of educational institutions to adopt dynamic education models that take a holistic approach to education.

Measuring student satisfaction is the first step towards reforming the system.

Every scholar, educator and industry expert agrees that the education industry does have its limitations, lacking in many crucial areas vital for overall student development. The question that arises now is how do we go about changing this outdated system and what can replace the current methods. We first need the data which can be used to create a blueprint for change. To acquire this data we must go to the heart of the education fraternity. We need to get feedback from students. Scholars and experts can then use this information acquired from students and re-structure the apparatus to build a high-functioning system.

We need to figure out the elements within the system that are serving the purpose and the ones that are causing a hindrance. Student satisfaction is an excellent foundation from which we can begin this endeavour of creating a better and more efficient education system. While keeping student satisfaction as the yardstick, educators and policymakers can bring in new practices that can breathe life into an ageing system. An evaluation method can be introduced that uses a new tools to measure various dimensions of student satisfaction at an institutional level that covers different aspects of student life. It can be gauged through different parameters like learning experience, extracurricular activities, life on campus, and student happiness quotient among many others. The data acquired from these exercises can then be checked and analysed by industry experts.

Map out a bright future for your institution and a happy one for your students.

A detailed analysis report will contain data that will indicate the overall performance of the institution and student satisfaction. It will evaluate your school/college as per standard practices and policies. Its advantages include:

•Gain in-depth analysis about areas of improvement from industry experts

•Make the necessary changes to elevate student learning experience

•Have the chance to make positive changes and ensure complete student satisfaction

•Your administration can better understand student and parental concerns

•It will offer deep insights into your institute’s practices and policies

Lucky for us, few schools are doing just that. India is slowly progressing towards implementing better policies and approach to education. Collaboration between educators and industry experts to analyse student satisfaction could prove to be very beneficial to the entire education fraternity.

The advent of new-age educators and edupreneurs

The decision by many schools/universities to step out of the fray and seek new strategies to improve the overall learning experience for students has come as a breath of fresh air. It has changed the educational landscape drastically by bringing in new ways of student assessment and changed long-held views about the concept of a good education. Many educational institutions are changing the norm by working with industry experts in creating new, transparent platforms that focus on student satisfaction. It has finally given students an opportunity to be a part of the change they want to see in the education sector.

The collaboration between educators and edupreneurs has the potential to dismantle the outdated education system, and re-build the foundation for a new one, brick by brick. Using data given by students as the source code, the duo is working towards creating a better system.

(The author is founder and CEO, Great Place to Study. Views expressed are personal)

First Published: Dec 26, 2018 12:38 IST