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Whom do youngsters look up to for direction? Hear from them

Whom do youngsters look up to for direction and advice? Our creative campus journalists, who have recently got into colleges of their choice, have been influenced by former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, their teachers and, most importantly, their parents.

education Updated: Aug 14, 2015 17:27 IST
Jessica Duggal
Jessica Duggal
Hindustan Times
(From left) HT Education’s campus journalists, Ria Yadav, Ishita Bhattacharjee, Jessica Duggal, Mohammad Zaid, Niharika Maggo and Tushar Priyadarshi.

One of the college canteens was our meeting spot for a discussion on ‘who inspires us the most’. Along with sips of tea and some snacks, the discussion veered from the mundane to serious.

From the fictional character of Jamie Sullivan of A Walk to Remember fame to real-life heroes like Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Rabindranath Tagore, the list was endless. It also dawned on us that a large part of our personalities, our ideas and our perspectives were moulded by the ones who have “inspired” us all our lives. This week, we take you, our dear readers, through our youthful journey into the people have defined our existence and our perspectives.

When Niharika was asked who was her inspiration, the first person that came to her mind was her mother. According to her, her entire personality and opinions are inspired by her mother. She aspires to be like her mother and inspire others through the ideas that her mother has instilled in her. Former president APJ Abdul Kalam, who passed away recently, has touched every aspect of Ishita’s life. In her article, she expresses her gratitude for the man who gave ‘Wings of Fire’ and taught her to bring about change and be the change she aspires for. The persona of the ‘missile man’ has inspired her enormously.

For, Zaid, it is physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who has inspired him. “Hawking’s life story has taught me to never give up on what I want to do, no matter how big a challenge it is. A motivation for all youngsters, his infallible determination and indomitable spirit has motivated students and teachers across the world,” he says.

Tushar looks up to his school teacher Mrs Desai for inspiration and ideas. According to him, his teacher has been one of the most influential people who has moulded his ­personality and helped him take on responsibilities and challenges.

Ria surpisingly has not been inspired by any person or a fictional character in books and movies but her friend’s dog Coco who taught her to be carefree and do what one wants to do in life, irrespective what people think.

As for me, the only two people who have inspired me and truly made me the person I am today, have been my parents. And I dedicate my article to them.

As we share with you, dear readers, why certain people have inspired us, we hope that you too discover your own inspirations in life. And for those are already inspired or have started to tread the path of self-exploration, we wish them best of luck! Keep smiling!

Hawkings’ grit is inspiring

Mohammad Zaid
Twitter: @Ht_MZaid
Instagram: insta- @m_zaid_h

There are times in your life when time tests you, your soul catches hold of you and your mind is unable to make decisions. In these moments, your actions are dictated by your past experiences and endeavours. While many of us follow what we’ve been taught, the ultimate choice is the result of how one takes advantage of the knowledge he/she has acquired.

There are times when a person goes through extremes; sometimes the situation is so bad that decision-making becomes near-impossible. When I am in a situation where there is something to lose and win, I always remember the story of Stephen Hawking.

Hawking’s life story has taught me to never give up on what I want to do, no matter how big a challenge it is. A motivation for all youngsters, his infallible determination and indomitable spirit has motivated students and teachers across the world.

My mom is my inspiration

Niharika Maggo
Twitter: @niharikamaggo
Instagram: @niharikamaggo

It is rightly said that inspiration gives you direction in life, motivates you to achieve something and be thankful for what you have.

Sometimes, our biggest inspiration are those who are closest to us. We only need to open our eyes to recognise the fact. My biggest inspiration has always been my mother, my woman of substance. She started working from an early age and never depended on anyone. She’s the one who taught me my first lesson in being independent.
Her powerful soul, determined spirit, and the conviction of not giving up, has reflected in whatever she does. Her leadership qualities have inspired me to be a leader. Her constant support has inspired me to dream big.

RIP Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Ishita Bhattacharjee
Twitter: @ishie_b26
Instagram: @ishie_b

It’s not the achievements that make an ordinary human being an inspiration, but it’s the journey from being common to an exception. The person who inspires me the most is the missile man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He has taught me to dream big and work towards fulfilling my goals, he has helped me understand the complex emotions of despair and hope at the same time. While what I am today is not of much importance but his words surely have an impact on what I intend to be and what I will be, in a few years from now. Losing a person like him is like losing a near and dear one. Death may take him away, but he will always remain alive in our hearts for his encouraging words and extraordinary deeds. Rest in peace Dr Kalam. You will never be forgotten!

Parental security

Jessica Duggal
Twitter: @jessicaduggal
Instagram: @duggal.jessica

People who inspire us mould our personality, our outlook, and even our thought process. They become our hope in times of despair as remembering them and their lives gives us the courage to stand and rise again. They are exactly what we want to become. And, in my life if anyone fulfills such a criteria, then without doubt, it has to be my parents.

I dedicate this article to the ones who taught me to understand and write before any teacher did. And I hope that through one of my most personal accounts, you my dear reader, discover who truly inspires you.

My mom and dad have given me the freedom to form my own outlook and perspective on anything. Our relationship can be metaphorically described as that of a mobile network connection and mobile phone.

There are often slight interruptions that we face but the network always remains firm and secure, no matter what.

Dogspired to do my thing

Ria Yadav
Twitter: @riaya_
Instagram: @riaya_

I have admired a lot of people, adored a lot of books, and loved a little too many things. But none of them have inspired me as my friend’s dog Coco.

I’d always been afraid of dogs and wanted to run away when Coco was in the room, had palpitations when he sniffed me. Everyone noticed my dislike for him, no matter how much I tried to contain it. You see, it wasn’t his fault that he was a dog, No matter how much I tried to run away, hide, keep my feet on the bed, just disappear when he was around, he came and sniffed and he just didn’t care. He didn’t care that I hated him, he didn’t care that I was afraid. And that is what inspired me. He didn’t care about what I thought, he didn’t care that I sneered at him, he didn’t care what people thought about him. He just wanted to sniff them. He was going to do his thing, despite my sneers, despite my angry words, despite my I-want-to-kick-you attitude.

To ma’am with love

Tushar Priyadarshi
Twitter: @tusharscs
Instagram: @priyadarshitushar

Sometimes you meet people who leave an indelible mark in your life without you even realising it. However, none of these people or situations have enthused my desire to succeed as much as my English teacher Mrs Desai. From an adventurous stint at a car rally to a profession as noble as teaching, ma’am has done it all.

Mrs Desai was not just another English teacher, but a mentor who taught me lessons for life. Ma’am’s teachings were not restricted to textbooks. After all, the essence of education is in exploring, and not treading the already explored path. She inspired me to be different . Her ‘Why? Why?’ sessions were an an integral part of school life. She helped us learn to look at life through a different lens, through a lens that was our own.

It was she who inspired me to make a difference in lives of others just like she did for me.

First Published: Aug 12, 2015 12:28 IST