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Ameesha-Manyata's gehri dosti

Right now Manyata and Ameesha ki dosti is thicker than a kohraa from a Mukesh or Mahesh Bhatt horror flick. Read on.

entertainment Updated: Jan 13, 2009 15:33 IST
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Tara Prem Prem Prem

Hi, hi, hi, hi my honeydew droplets, how goes it in your hemisphere? Out here Vaziran


has just returned from her power jog in the park, and is generally behaving as if she were a Parkeezah. She likes parks and men in them.

Meanwhile, Madhu my Mottu Maid is still sleeping and looking like a beached whale. And as usual my ex-research assistant Dimwit Mirza is jamming my cell phone to whine for a job.. yah sure, next she’ll expect me to light her smelly cigarettes.

Okay, now I’ll start off by telling you that I haven’t slept all night (or nearly) because I heard that there’s serious trouble over

Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani.

No, no Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif haven’t suddenly withdrawn their dates.

Neither Deepika Padukone nor Salman Khan are cross about the project. It’s more serious. Director Rajkumar Santoshi and producer Ramesh Taurani have had a fall-out. Cllllash. The last time they clashed was over

The Legend of Bhagat Singh


Matters had nearly reached court and all that.

Phir patch-up ho gaya

. Now,

Ajab Prem

is said to be 40 per cent

complete.. but that’s it after all these daze and daze of shooting. The unit has been told that the shoot will resume in March. Till then, what? This

Ajab Prem

will grey prematurely, no? Such signs do not augur well at all.. not at all.. not at all.

By the way, how come Santoshi


keeps having these run-ins?


Parkeezah is pointing out that the director has quite a few scrapped movies to his credit (discredit?). These include Saamna, Ranbir, Ashoka, Autobiography (not his), Mahabharat, Ramayan, Prithviraj Samyukta and London ke Sapnay. Wow. Guinness, Limca, Timca, Tisca.. are you listening?

Now without my


Whether Manyata Dutt


contests the elections or Uncle Sanjay Dutt does, one thing’s for sure. They will have Ameesha (not Patel it seems any more) campaigning for them vociferously.

Meaning right now Manyata and Ameesha

ki dosti

is thicker than a


from a Mukesh or Mahesh Bhatt horror flick. And it seems a producer wanted a top actress to do a video promo song for his movie —titled Chatur Singh if you please — which features Sanjay




Ameesha. Thunder and lightning.




said no way.. no other heroine will be allowed to steal the glory from Ameesha. Glorrrrry?

A Wed day

Trust Mottu to bring some news on Eesha Koppkikkar or Esha Koopikkarrr. We have tried to keep pace with her fast-altering numerological name but have admitted defeat.

Haar gayee main, bilkul haar gayee

. Yeah, so Mots says Esshaaw is still to sit down with Timmy Narang and finalise their wedding date which was rumoured to be April 13 on Baisakhi day.

Yeah really why haven’t Eeeeshhy and Tims sat down to decide ya? I have a suggestion. Don’t bother about sitting down.. just stand and make the decision. I do so like going to weddings in April..hurry!

Think wink

Aha. Shabbir Ahulwalia is the only male on the sets of some TV show called

Dancing Queens.

And so, I’m told he keeps acting macho with the girls and winks at them constantly. The queen who informed me about this winking Shabbir wants to quit the show.. because she can’t take it any more.

Oh dear, I’ll just send Winking Shabbir a pair of dark glasses. Then the Queen will stay on.. and who knows?.. both of them can keep winking happily ever after.

Kitne rishtay

Wah, wah, wah

! Like Hrithik-Sussanne Roshan we’re throwing an all-night, all-day party. But this one will be to

celebrate the fact that Dadoo B now actually meets up with his old film producers, like he did in the case of Naresh Malhotra who had once produced Kaalia with Dadoo. This was in the days before Fairness creams.

Daddoo mera khatta meetha

Dadoo even attended the wedding of Malhotraji’s daughter the other day.. and was there for two hours!

Wah, wah, wah


Don’t ever let Prakash Mehra know about this though. He won’t like it. But then such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 12, 2009 14:00 IST