A treat for Pokemon fans! Real-life Pikachu and Lugia cars spotted at Pokecon

May 10, 2023 07:09 AM IST

Pokemon Fans Delighted by Real-Life Pikachu and Lugia Cars at Baltimore Pokecon

A Pokemon fan has recently shared on Reddit that they saw two cars at Baltimore Pokecon that were customized to look like Pikachu and Lugia, two beloved exotic pocket creatures from the fan's favourite anime.

Pikachu-themed Volkswagen Beetle. (Image Credit: Baltimore Pokecon.)
Pikachu-themed Volkswagen Beetle. (Image Credit: Baltimore Pokecon.)

The two vehicles were spotted at the Baltimore Pokecon, a Pokemon-themed event organized by fans in the United States. The Volkswagen Beetle represented Pikachu, while the Chrysler PT Cruiser was posed out to look like Lugia. Both cars were covered in decals featuring the iconic markings of the two Pokemon.

It's no surprise that The Pokemon Company continues to promote the franchise through various marketing efforts and crossover through various pop culture, including dressing up real-world places and things.

In Japan, the local government often uses tourism activities and promotional materials featuring a random special Pokemon ambassador. It appears that the company is testing community feedback in the more Western regions, which allowed fans in the United States to see the Pikachu and Lugia-themed cars at the recent Pokecon event.

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The classic cars were a treat for fans who attended the event, and many were excited to see the iconic creatures brought to life in such a cool way.

A Redditor named mewisme700 shared a photo of the cars decked out in Pokemon decals.

The Volkswagen Beetle which was representing Pikachu showcased the Pokemon's iconic yellow color scheme, brown stripes, red circle cheeks, and long pointy ears. The Chrysler PT Cruiser, Lugia had the Pokemon's white-and-blue colorway, blue back spikes, and long white tail. The car even had Lugia's recognizable white horn on its bonnet.

Some fans on Reddit expressed disappointment with the choice of the PT Cruiser to represent Lugia. One Redditor even said that they thought it was a shame that such a great legendary Pokemon was represented by that specific car model.

“Shame such a cool legendary has to be represented by such a godawful car,” a Redditor, NegativePharos expressed.

Despite these opinions, the modded cars were a great way for fans to connect with the franchise and were a highlight of the Baltimore Pokecon.

In addition to the Reddit post, more photos of the Pikachu and Lugia-themed cars were shared on the event's official social media pages. This allowed fans who were unable to attend the event to see the decked-out vehicles and experience a bit of the Pokemon magic.

Hopefully, The Pokemon Company will continue to support these types of exotic and cool events in the future, as they are a great way to bring the beloved franchise closer to the fan base. The Pikachu and Lugia-themed cars are just one example of how the company is expanding its reach and engaging with fans on the Western Coast.

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