Big B teams up with SRK in Farah's next

Amitabh Bachchan is teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan for his production Happy New Year.. and by the end of 2009, will shoot for it too.. under the nirdeshan of Farah Khan.

entertainment Updated: Feb 23, 2009 14:45 IST
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Peace, actually

Wassup my almond- ‘n’ -walnut macaroons? For a change, I’m gonna be so sweet and nice today that you’ll probably think I’m a walking-talking-sexy barfi. I am, but that’s another story.

For now, the todu khabar is that Amitabh Bachchan is teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan for his production Happy New Year.. and by the end of 2009, will shoot for it too.. under the nirdeshan of Farah Khan.

When the movie was first planned, SRK wasn’t too pleased with the way the storyline was shaping up in the second half. Besides, Bachchan saab wasn’t keeping too well then. So the actor-producer and his director-friend chose to put Happy New Year on hold and started work on another script, Om Shanti Om.

Meanwhile, Farah reworked the script and now that SRK and she are pleased with it, they have decided to make Happy New Year next. I’m told the duo will start working on it once SRK completes Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan.

Meanwhile, Bachchan saab, who had expressed his willingness to be a part of the movie then, is believed to be pleased with the script and has even allotted his dates for the shoot.

I just hope this puts an end to all speculations of star wars etc etc. After all, I’m such a peace loving girl, no.

Deal chahti hai
Now a friend from the ad world has another news to share. This chap is telling me about Genelia D’Souza’s new deal. After making space for herself in Rani Mukherji’s territory.. by signing up to endorse a soft drink, Genei baby has now stepped into Preity Zinta’s shoes.

Although a bit late in the day.. much after Zinta’s contract with Cadbury’s Perk ended, D’Souza has been signed on as its new brand ambassador. Of course, Genei baby is being paid far lesser than the effervescent Zinta. Cost cutting ka zamana hai and all that.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter all that much to Genelia. Now she has one more reason to perk up, pun unintended.

Ghat ki baat
Achha listen.. if Prateik Babbar wants to remain in Aamir Khan’s good books, he has to ensure that the perfectionist actor-filmmaker doesn’t see any television for the next month, at least.

Reason: after an event in which he participated the other evening, Prateik spoke freely about his preparations for his role in Kiran Rao’s Dhobi Ghat. He spoke at length about his character who was a die-hard Salman Khan fan and how he had stayed at Mahalaxmi’s famous Dhobi Ghat for four-five days to imbibe the finer nuances about body language, mannerisms, lingo and diction for his slum boy.

Itna hi nahin, Prateik also went on to draw parallels between his character and his mother’s in Chakra.. and how he hoped to be appreciated when the movie releases. Oooof! Does it look like I care? Maybe Aamir will, if he reads this. Tsk tsk.

Rocking and shocking
Madhu my Mottu Maid is back in my life.. and I can bet my last penny that she won’t have anyone better than her usual chhota motta types. True to her reputation, she’s yakking about Kunal Kemmu is miffed with Abhishek Kapoor.

Seems Kunal was sipping a drink at Aurus in Juhu the other night.. enjoying the attention from the few pretty young things who were hanging around there. Until the Rock On!! director sauntered in.

Bas, aur kya? Mottu says that the gals left Kunnu boy to his own company and rushed to Gattu.. raving about how they loved the movie and asking him what he’s making next, blah blah blah.. Shaken and stirred that a nirdeshak was getting more bhav than him, Kunnu boy gulped down his drink even as he shot khunnas-bhare looks to Gattu.

Mots appears very amused at Kunnu’s plight. Really now! Grow up Mottu.

Girl gazing, anyone?
Alas, what have I started? Now she wants me to hear about Ashmit Patel, this Mottu. Can it get any worse? She had gone to Barista at Bandstand for a coffee date.. when she turned around and spotted a familiar face.

Ashmit was sitting a few tables away with a model type friend. Male, if you must know. The two didn’t exchange any glances, forget words.. but continued to stare at the girls passing by. Need I say that none of the girls bothered to look at the two lukhas?

Mots says that she and her date walked out after an hour.. Ashmit and his friend were still girl gazing. Hmmph! But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Feb 20, 2009 17:19 IST