Actor Geeta Basra with husband Harbhajan Singh and daughter Hinaaya.
Actor Geeta Basra with husband Harbhajan Singh and daughter Hinaaya.

Geeta Basra: Harbhajan missed my first pregnancy, this time he was there even during the labour

Actor Geeta Basra talks about becoming a mother for the second time, and husband, cricketer Harbhajan Singh handling daddy duties.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON JUL 21, 2021 06:36 PM IST

Geeta Basra is ecstatic on becoming a mother again, this time to a baby boy. What she’s even happier with is the fact that her husband, cricketer Harbhajan Singh, was present with her more than the first time she was pregnant.

“He has been amazing. He wasn’t there in the first pregnancy a lot. He was playing Indian Premiere League (IPL), I was in London then. I spent four months in India, and then went for the delivery to London. Bhajji was very much in and out. He came literally in July then, when my daughter Hinaaya (now four-and-a-half) was being delivered,” recalls Basra.

However, this time, she’s glad that Singh was there throughout. “He took out one month for IPL, he wasn’t here. But he was very supportive throughout this pregnancy, he was there with me in labour too, held my hand and made sure he did everything. I didn’t need to do much, just put up my feet and relax,” she gushes.

The couple took to social media on July 10 to share the news about the arrival of ‘Baby Plaha’. Calling it an “overwhelming” feeling, she says the newborn has lightened up their lives even more.

Basra adds that her family wanted her to have a second child for the longest time.

“They were waiting kab khush khabri aayegi. The grandparents were overjoyed. But my parents are very sad that they couldn’t be here due to the pandemic. Every mother wants to be with their daughter. They’re in London. But it’s okay, the circumstances are such. My sister-in-law is here and she has been a great help. It’s lovely having her around here,” says the 37-year-old actor.

As for the baby’s name, Basra reveals that she had decided on the name when she was pregnant with Hinaaya, thinking it’ll be a boy. However, she and Harbhajan didn’t think about whether it’d be a boy or a girl. “It was irrelevant, and really didn’t matter. I don’t know how Hinaaya sensed it, ‘d say it would be a baby brother,” she laughs, adding that they’ll announce the name of the baby boy on social media in a few days.

She adds that Bhajji is up at night along with her to look after the baby. “He changes the diapers, and I feed him. He’s very hands on, and it’s very important for a woman to have that support around,” she concludes.

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