Kangana Ranaut has said Rihanna has no genuine talent.
Kangana Ranaut has said Rihanna has no genuine talent.

Kangana Ranaut on international support for farmer protests: 'People like Kim Kardashian are their icons'

  • Kangana Ranaut has said Rihanna is no genuine artist but just a 'porn singer'. She further said that if there is talent, one doesn’t need to do anything else.
UPDATED ON FEB 07, 2021 12:26 PM IST

Kangana Ranaut has once again claimed that the farmer protests are nothing but a huge conspiracy to break India into pieces. She has again questioned the credentials of pop singer Rihanna for tweeting about the protests and said that she is no genuine talent but just a ‘porn singer.

She said, “Rihanna, a porn singer, she is no Mozart and has no classical knowledge. She doesn’t have any special voice. If 10 reputed classical singers will sit together, they will say that she doesn’t even know how to sing. In American culture, people like Kim Kardashian, who have unidentified careers, are their icons. No one knows what they do. This is a racket of capitalism which is confusing the youth. Likewise, Rihanna is no genuine artist, she is a porn singer. When you have talent, you don’t need to do anything else.”

Kangana has made several shocking claims in her recent interview to TV news anchor Arnab Goswami about the farmer protests, Rihanna and climate activist Greta Thunberg and why farmers protests could all be a conspiracy to break India into pieces.

On Arnab’s mention of how the support of the international celebrities is ‘defaming’ India, Kangana said, “This big revelation that has come our way, defaming the nation would be a very polite way to describe this. This is a brutal attempt to break up India. It's god's blessing that Greta Thunberg, by accident owing to her condition or something, committed this mistake. This is such a big conspiracy. It doesn’t take much intelligence to know where it hurts the most. Khalistani movement has lost steam and now efforts are being made by certain elements from Canada to reignite it. They want to pressurise the government so much that 10-15 farmers are laid down and this movement will catch fire. China will put pressure on the border and again there will be a 1000 pieces of our country.”

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Kangana further said that she has lost brand endorsements worth 12-15 crore due to her stance on the issue. “The brands I endorse also sent me ultimatums that don't call farmers 'terrorists'. I have lost brands worth 12-15 crore within a month. Every day I get summons and cases against me, but today I have proof in my hands by this environmentalist on this so-called farmer protest," she said, showing the printout of the alleged ‘protest toolkit’ shared by Greta Thunberg.


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