Kirron Kher with husband Anupam Kher.
Kirron Kher with husband Anupam Kher.

Kirron Kher refuses to show her face in son Sikander Kher's video: 'Maine lipstick bhi nahi lagai'

  • Kirron Kher has said that her feet have become 'very dark' after her cancer treatment. Her son Sikandar Kher posted a new video on Instagram.
UPDATED ON JUN 25, 2021 04:34 PM IST

Actor-politician Kirron Kher has revealed that her feet have become 'very dark' after undergoing treatment for cancer. Her son Sikandar Kher posted a new video on Instagram on Thursday in which Kirron was heard showing her feet though she didn't face the camera.

In the video, Sikandar Kher is seen in the video with his father, actor Anupam Kher next to him. Kirron Kher was also heard in her cheerful self as she said "hello" with her feet as she sat on the couch. During the conversation, Anupam is heard asking Sikandar to record the video with Kirron's feet who says 'maine lipstick bhi nahi lagayi, mereko nahi karna' (I haven't applied lipstick, I don't want to do)'. Sikandar then asks her to apply lipstick on her feet and she said, "mere paer itni kaale hogaye hai (my feet have become so dark)".


Anupam later said, "You have noticed that when you do my live she takes over?" Kirron was heard saying, "Mujhe bohut interesting lagta hai beech m two bits daalna (I find it very interesting to add two bits)." "Two bits toh aap daal nahi rahe ho aap sattar bits daal rahe ho (You're not adding two bits you're adding 70 bits)," said Sikandar.

Anupam then said, "Have you noticed in your videos when I'm in the august company of Kirronji because there is a constant conversation happening and laughter?" She replied, "At least main haas toh rahi hun, khush toh hun bewakoofon. Thoda mereko bhi khush ho lene do (At least I'm laughing and happy. Let me also be happy)."

Sikandar then asked Kirron to show her 'happiness feet' and she obliged with 'happiness happiness happiness' in a sing-song voice. Even Anupam raised his feet and Sikandar commented, "My God that's like you guys were like a chessboard. Your white feet makes any feet look like...with his feet anybody's feet are black." "Mine have become so black. Mine have become very black after the treatment," said Kirron.

Sikandar captioned the post, "#KherSaab and #KirronJi She takes over .. enjoy her feet .. @anupampkher @kirronkhermp."

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Earlier in June, Kirron had appeared in Sikander's Instagram video. Kirron had asked Sikander to show her face in the video and with a big smile had said, “Hello! Thank you everybody for your good wishes and love, thank you very much.” In April, Anupam had said that his wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, and was recovering.

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