Richa Chadha says, “Kindness is the need of the hour and during this time.”
Richa Chadha says, “Kindness is the need of the hour and during this time.”

Richa Chadha hopes to bring cheer in the lives of everyday heroes by celebrating LGBTQIA+ heroes

This Pride month, through her social initiative - The Kindry, Richa is featuring stories of heroes helping others. “Their stories are filled with love and empathy”
PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 05:41 PM IST

Every year, the whole world celebrates the month of June as LGBTQ+ Pride month which is dedicated to the community and is used to create awareness about the stigma about the non-binary gender spectrum. Joining the pride celebrations this year is Richa Chadha via her new social media initiative, The Kindry - which amplifies individual stories of hope and selflessness in these tough times.

The Pride month is all about teaching acceptance, dignity, equality, educating pride history, and most importantly, love, Chadha feels. And through her social initiative, the Madam Chief Minister actor is doing a series of things. The page has featured stories like that of Kushal Roy - a young psychotherapist based out of Kolkata, who runs a mental health and grief counselling helpline free of cost. Another feature celebrates a group of youngsters in Kashmir - Uzair, Junaid and Khushi Mir, who are helping feed the trans community in Kashmir. A third story features the journey of Dr. Aqsa Shaikh, the first trans-woman to head a vaccination center in India, who is an inspiration to thousands as a medical professional, a philanthropist, and an artist. The Instagram handle will be regularly doing live sessions this month with these everyday heroes, who inspire many simply by being themselves.

Chadha says, “Kindness is the need of the hour and during this time. We’re all in need of love and hope as will still struggling to cope with losses due to the pandemic. With the help of artists we hope to bring some virtual cheer to the lives of our everyday heroes as well. LGBTQ+ Pride month in India this year has gone virtual because of the global pandemic. On The Kindry, we’re very happy to celebrate the same by covering stories of heroes among the community who are helping one another out during these apocalyptic times. Their stories are not only moving but also filled with love and empathy. Last week, a queer collee student from Delhi shared his coming out story. We received several direct messages from our followers talking about how they also felt braver to come out after watching our live session.”

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