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Dino Morea ignores ex-flame Nandita Mahtani

Dino Morea and Nandita Mahtani arrived at Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s reception, almost saath saath.. only they came alag alag. Read on.

entertainment Updated: Mar 04, 2009 16:09 IST
Hindustan Times

Dushmani, dosti etc
Heylo, how goes it with you my chocolate éclairs? Vijjy is on bended knees pleading me to go away with him to Venice for the weekend.

He wants to take me on a gondala ride.. so he can pop the mujhse-shaadi-karogi question for the millionth time. Will the man ever give up?

I think I’ll let him stay down, till his Armani trousers get so filthy that even our miracle detergents won’t be able to wash off the dirt. Serves him right for not taking a ‘no’ for an answer, hai na?

Meanwhile, here’s Rapchick Rajni, bright and early, and she’s looking fighting fit too. She claims she’s just learnt the real reason for Ranbir Kapoor turning down Kunal Kohli’s next. Seems it’s because of Siddharth Raaj Anand. Salaam, namaste, yeh kya baat hui?

Wasn’t this Sid, KK’s one-time assistant?

My fiery Rajni nods sagely and points out philosophically that protégés have been known to drift away from their mentors. Remember Manoj Bajpai and Ram Gopal Varma? And well, Sid and KK have not been on the best of terms lately. Point noted.

Beaming, Rajni tells me that Sid and Ranboo are the best of friends. And when Sid learnt of dushman’s offer to his dost, he pulled out his ace. And KK lost his case. Hmm, this war between guru and chela promises to take on some interesting twists and turns. Watch this space for more updates.

Where are the words?
Irrfan Khan is mighty displeased with the organiser of a recently-held award function.

Irrfan, who turned up suit-boot mein, looking most unlike Billu the barber, was hoping to hear some good things about himself, after his LA trip and Slumdog Millionaire’s rich gold haul. But even though he was called on stage, the cop of the little film, making big headlines, wasn’t greeted with glowing epithets.

Those rich tributes were reserved for another nominee, Rajni who attended every bash in town, tells me.

Now that makes me mighty mad too! Hey, Irrfan’s got a body of work which would be any actor’s envy and the actor’s pride. Makes me want to turn into a devil and give these awardwallahs hell. Eeesh!

Now that’s two much!
Perfect timing or wot? Dino Morea and Nandita Mahtani arrived at Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s reception, almost saath saath.. only they came alag alag. And if anyone was expecting them to smile cordially at each other and exchange pleasantries, they couldn’t have been more off the track.

The once good friends looked through each other, ducked the few media persons around because they weren’t looking for keepsake pics for their album, and once inside, continued with their childish aankh micholi games. All this when Lara Dutta wasn’t even around. Come on guys, isn’t it time to grow up and act like mature adults! Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, my Vijjy is still there on bending knees. Such high hopes, I tell you. Even when, taking a cue from Nandy and Dino I’m giving him the royal ignore.

Oh man!
Just when I was hoping that Madhu my Mottu Maid had decided to give gossip a miss for one day and treat me to an iced coffee instead, she turns up. And she’s not carrying any beverage.. hot or cold.

Instead she’s sighing over Neeraj Pathak who she says is the man in town. Oh man, now I know she’s lost it!

Before I can shut her up, Mots is rambling about how the director of Right ya Wrong and the co-director (with Sunny Doel) of The Man is always seen in the company of young girls. Hey Mots, may be he’s just continuing with his screen tests!

Mottu doesn’t agree. She says last Friday she saw him entering Enigma with group of young girls. And he was at the nightspot till wee hours. Dancing and dancing but no drinking because he is a teetotaler! Mottu has joined Vijjy. She’s also going to stay on bended knees for trying to spoil my day!

Healing touch
Mottu just won’t learn.

Even ghutnon par she’s babbling about some Cleo Issac who has become the ambassador for the Humanity Healing Foundation in the US.

The foundation supports a lot of non-profit charity projects around the world.

Currently, she will be helping to start a school in India for orphan girls. Chalo badhai ho! At least she’s doing something worthwhile.

Not like Mottu who can’t even wake me up with a cup of Earl Grey. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Mar 04, 2009 16:05 IST