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eBay bans Hitler figurine, allows Osama's

Online shopping website eBay has prohibited a man in the UK from selling a model of Adolf Hitler on its site because it 'glorified hatred' . However, similar models of Osama bin Laden used in war games are allowed to be sold.

entertainment Updated: Jun 24, 2011 19:41 IST

Online shopping website eBay has prohibited a man in the UK from selling a model of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on its site because it ‘glorified hatred’. Philip Fursman has been buying plain models from a UK company, painting them and then selling them on the eBay website for a number of years for a small profit.

But Fursman from Card, Somerset, fell foul of the site's policies when he tried to sell a model of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. However, similar models of Osama bin Laden used in war games are allowed.

The 37 year-old father-of-three said he was surprised by the policy because he had recently sold miniature figures of Osama bin Laden and Taliban on eBay without any problem.

"I don't play war games myself but I paint models made by manufacturers, just as an interest, and sell them through eBay all over the world," the Telegraph quoted Fursman as saying.

"I bought the Hitler model four years ago from an online shop when my son, who is now 14, was studying the period at school. It was made by Bolt Action Miniatures which produced a World War II range of figures," he added.

But when he came to offer it for sale, eBay stepped in.

A spokemsan for the online business said: "We don't permit members to list items that contain propaganda or memorabilia with Nazi or SS markings.

"These items may be considered offensive by the eBay community and may be against the law in some countries."

Fursman said: "I quite agree that Hitler was a horrible individual. If you look at the model there are no SS markings on him. If I painted him blue people might have thought it was Blakey from the old On The Buses sit-com.

"I actually chose him from four World War II leading figures. The others were Stalin, General Patten and Mussolini. You can also get war games models of figures such as Gengis Khan, he added.

Hitler"There was no objection when I sold a model of Osama bin Laden, and models of the Taliban. I sold the Taliban figures to Italy. I always check on where the figures are going. I think that is important," said Fursman.

"When I bought the Taliban figures, which are made by The Assault Group, if you spent £33 you got a free special figure, and that was Osama bin Laden. If you have the good guys you have to have the bad guys too.

"Strangely I have looked on eBay since and seen a 12-inch high figure of Hitler in full uniform with Swastika markings on sale in the toys and games section where my figures are advertised," he added.

The eBay spokesman added: "We know it is frustrating to see items removed from the website but people are not allowed to list items that promote or glorify hatred, violence or racial intolerance."

First Published: Jun 24, 2011 16:33 IST