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Get adventurous

Constant adventure — that’s what my life has become. I feel like I’ve taken a few pages out of some action-thriller novel and actually living it out.

entertainment Updated: Nov 04, 2010 12:58 IST
Genelia D'Souza
Genelia D'Souza
Hindustan Times

Constant adventure — that’s what my life has become. I feel like I’ve taken a few pages out of some action-thriller novel and actually living it out.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been to locations that have spellbound me, met people along the way that have moved on to occupy special places in my heart and succumbed to experiences that have shaken me, excited me and thrilled me to bits. Take the horse-riding for example! Basha is a friend I’ve made for life and horse-riding is now a hobby that has become a part of my personality.

My days in Australia have been absolutely mind-boggling. I’ve had so much fun shooting Orange that not only did the land of the Oz begin to feel like home, I kinda actually miss it now! :-( Oh well, I’m gonna take you guys down memory lane today. Starting with one of the crazier shoots I’ve done right here in Bombay to a thrill-filled Oz run, this column is all about adventure baby! So get ready for the ride of your life!

I’m guessing it all started with Dabboo Ratnani putting me up on a real, live elephant for his calendar shoot. I’ve always loved animals but to be confronted with the mammoth herself left me in total awe. Lakshmi turned out to be a real sweetheart and within moments she had lifted me onto her trunk and we flashed our pearlies and there you have it — the perfect shot! What you don’t know is that tiny moment of fear and uncertainty, when you’re unsure whether she’d fling you on the ground or lift you up in the air! Well, all’s well that ends well!

Australia was another adventure escape altogether. From spending a night in a haunted hotel that actually advertised itself as the perfect place to bump into spooks, ghouls and spirits to sky-diving in Sydney, I have made memories that will never fade. The haunted hotel, nestled in its sinister beauty in the Blue Mountains, was fantastic but awfully scary. We actually heard noises of all sorts — clinks and clangs, footsteps and the loud thuds and it was impossible for us to even spend a night there. Gimmick or not, the hotel is riddled in history and its whole aura is especially spooky. It’s unbelievable that people actually spend a fortune to stay in this hotel. Worth a visit! As for sky-diving, well what can I say? It is by far the best kick I have ever had in my whole life. This simple 3 minute dive has made me an adrenalin junkie for life! The one minute that I spent in absolute free-fall, that cascade towards the earth before the parachute opened, is excitement delivered directly from God. But it wasn’t just once. Within half an hour, I was up in the air again and this time. I even attempted a somersault!

Trust me guys, buckle up and dive! Attack adventure with a vengeance! It’s one life after all, worth taking a few risks that catapult you into a thrilling frenzy right?

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First Published: Nov 03, 2010 17:18 IST