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Gossip Corner:Bidi bidi baatein

Bips has just signed a multi-crore-rupee deal to perform at Sahara Star on New Year's eve.

entertainment Updated: Dec 19, 2008 19:02 IST
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Knock knock.. who’s there?

Hello, hi, my rose petals today I have a really violent case of the blues. Meaning my mum would always tell me such wonderful stories about him, she’d say that he was misunderstood, that he was the first asli superstar (that I agree with).

And that he was tremendously gallant with the ladies.. but then his hair turned orange, my mum’s turned white, so she quit speaking about him. Frankly, I was relieved — imagine spend my years as an infant in the crib, listening to stories about my mum’s secret crush.

By the way, Rajesh Khanna broke so many hearts that it’s not funny. Including my mum who wanted to marry him (imagine, I’d have looked so Aradhanaish, cool). Anyway, it’s not a pleasant story that I’m about to narrate at this very minute. Seems during the shoot in Ooty of some movie called Wafaa (or was it Dafaa Hoja?), Kaka was mega- tipsy and brought the hotel down to its foundations.

Kakaji knocked on the room of some new heroine type called Sana. He knocked so hard.. bang bang bang.. and so much ruckus went on during the late night hours, that the unit had to be asked to leave the hotel right there and then.

Ewww, I do hope this story is not true. Because I do not like to hear such things about Kakaji. Am told the movie has plenty of steamy scenes between Kakaji and Sana.

Really, what’s going on in Movie Nagri? I thought one Nishabd was enough to last us a lifetime. O mere Dadoo, tu maan le mera kehna.. mushkil ho gaya (expy-`n’-excluzzy ) wine peena tere bina. Ai ai yo ai yo.

Bidi bidi baatein
Since I’ve warmed up to Bipasha Basu ever since her dhansoo performance in Bachna Ae Haseeno (I did like the way she said how she only drinks Aaaviyawn water though my French teacher taught me to call it A..vi..yon). Never mind, she’s truly blossoming as an actress methinks and has the killer instinct, ya.

So if Katrina Kaif will perform at the Marriott for a hefty amount of money on New Year’s eve, Bips has just signed a multi-crore-rupee deal to perform at Sahara Star on the same night.

Think all the men are gonna head for the Bidi jalaiyle gal no? If I was a man (interesting thought), I’d head there, never mind if I detest the stench of bidis. In fact, I’m told if Minister Ramadoss attends, the lyrics will be altered to Baida boil karaiyle. What fun! I just love my andaas. Eeps, I mean andaz.

Ek Tijori.. aisa bhi
Oi, Vaziran bua may have to soon declare herself bankrupt. See, she’s so hard up that she’s telling me all about Deepak Tijori. He has actually.. actually.. actually.. I mean really entranced this London girl whom he met during a trip to the Queen’s City.. they discussed a business partnership.. and imagine.. imagine.. just imagine.. it’s believed just friendship was in the air.

London ki kali even came over to India to see him. I just hope she didn’t take the first flight back home. Because there’s also talk that Deepak is just-zabarjust friends with Udita Goswami. No one likes that, especially Mohit Suri who breaks into a rash whenever he passes by a bank and thinks of safe deposit vaults. If bua tells me more, I’ll just lock her in a tijori.. or a deepak.. oh well, never mind.

Mourn vrat
Madhu my Mottu Maid has gone, wearing dark black, to light a candle at any multiplex which may still be showing EMI. Seems this is to express her prayers for Sophie Chaudhary. What they did to Sophie, Mottu doesn’t wish on her worst enemy or even on our irksome research assistant Dimwit Mirza.

It seems Sophie was telling the entire world about her dhansoo dance (item) number in the movie. But haai daiyya, it was left on the editing table. Chopped completely. But then such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 15, 2008 14:29 IST