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Gossip corner: Lolo's lollipops

Karisma Kapoor who is judging the fourth season of Nach Baliye has now decided to give a lollipop to the jodi whose performance she loves best.

entertainment Updated: Dec 13, 2008 18:58 IST
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Haathi mera saathi

Say, how are we doing this Saturday my strawberry sorbets? The sun would be shining for me too if it weren’t for my research assistant Dimwit Mirza. I’ve warned her to shape up or ship out. She’s asking Madhu my Mottu Maid for help. Hellpppp!

Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has become a beast’s best friend. The Khiladi’s latest obsession is the kiddie flick titled Jumbo, It’s a Thai production dubbed in Hindi and lifesize hoardings of Akki cosying up to haathi his saathi are up in the vicinity of his triplex in Andheri’s Oberoi Complex.

Guess he really wants to impress son Aarav with his elephantine love. Or is it biwi Twinkle he wants to convince that he’s moved from dolls to Dumbo, oopsie, Jumbo, Whatever.

No space for the haathini however. Even though Lara Dutta lent her voice to this Jumbo Mumbo at the request of Akshay himself.

Now here’s Dimwit going ditzy over the fact that her hero (there’s no accounting for taste, really!) will be performing at some Pogo Award later this evening.. with Jumbo for company.

Now what do I do with this Dumbo Dimwit? God save your Honey!

Lolopops anyone?
Achha listen, a jasoos from Film City has just dropped by with a chatpata tiddy bitty. “It’s about Karisma Kapoor,” she says, grinning from ear to ear. Oof, not another history lesson!

I’m told that Lolo who is judging the fourth season of Nach Baliye with my dearest Farah Khan and the dishy Arjun Rampal has just come up with another brainwave. And here I was just getting over her triple taali ho act.

Karisma aunty has now decided to give a lollipop to the jodi whose performance she loves best. May be she thinks it’s chweet! I prefer the slaps, er, I mean claps.

Seeing the size of the lollipops — which would give anyone diabetes — Arjun suggested they be called LaLapops. Farah had an even better suggestion.. Lolopops. God, take me far away from this Lolo land!

Eye say
Ah, a kauwa from Karjat has just dropped by to say that Ashutosh Gowariker tried to stop Harman Baweja from going gooey-eyed over Priyanka Chopra. Reason: Harman had contracted conjunctivitis and our director saab was being cautious. He didn’t want his What’s Your Raashi? breaking out into a rash. Understandable.

But pyaar kiya to darna kya, maintained the Baweja boy. Assuring Ashu that he was taking all the medication and precautions, he refused to hide his pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat behind dark glares. He was fine in two days.. and no one from the team is red-eyed. Love conquers even conjunctivitis, eye say?

Bhago bhoot aaya
Now Mottu is wanting to spook me out by telling me Adhyayan Suman’s raaz ki baat. She says the Suman had been a little on the edge. Can’t blame him with Kangana Ranaut in his life, on and off the sets.

Anyway, the bechara had dozed off after a hard day’s work in his van when he was woken by footsteps on the roof. The lights flickered and went off.. he groped for his cell mate but even the mobile was missing. He tried to rush out, but the door was jammed.

Panicked, he started banging on the door, screaming for help. After fifteen minutes an assistant director let him out, swearing that it was no prank. Now Adhyayan won’t sleep without the lights on.

Voodoo! That’s what I’m going to practise on Mottu if she doesn’t leave, this minute. A ghost story, what next?

Money, money
But Mottu won’t quit yet. She’s determined to ruin my weekend. Think Dimwit has put her up to this. Mots is already crowing about Sonal Chauhaan’s south side travels.

According to Mots, the Jannat girl wasn’t happy with the kind of films she was getting in apni Mumbai. So she’s signed a Kannada movie. The lure was the green bucks.

Can’t blame her with the recession and all. After all, such is life dearies.

First Published: Dec 13, 2008 13:53 IST