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Jurassic World a direct sequel to Jurassic Park, says director Colin Trevorrow

The Chris Pratt-starrer Jurassic World will follow on directly from Steven Spielberg's original 1993 adventure. The oroginal design will be retained, but, with change of technology

entertainment Updated: May 01, 2015 16:08 IST
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The Chris Pratt-starrer Jurassic World will follow on directly from Steven Spielberg's original 1993 adventure, reported Digital Spy.

Colin said, "Jurassic Park 2 and Jurassic Park are still part of the overall continuity, as they're set on a different island named Isla Sorna. I felt like I had a responsibility to do it. Mostly for Steven (Spielberg), in thanks for all he's done for all of us and how much his movies meant to me in my childhood. However, if one is asked to do this, it's almost insulting to say no. We'd all love this privilege - to re-create a film that meant so much to us."

In an interview, the director talked about elements from the original film that would be retained in the sequel. "The T-Rex that's in the film is the T-Rex from the original Jurassic Park and she is 22-years-older. We took the original design and obviously, technology has changed. So, it's going to move a little bit differently, but it'll move differently because it's older. And we're giving her some scars and we're tightening her skin."

About the characters the director said, "The movie is essentially a romantic adventure. It takes place between Bryce Dallas Howard's character, who runs this park and sees the dinosaurs as assets and Chris Pratt, an ex-military guy, who is sort of out on the fringes of this park, doing some behavioural research with the raptors"

Producer Frank Marshall added, "It was Colin's pitch that we needed to go back to what we did in the first movie and enter the (Jurassic Park) park in wonderment and joy and happiness and deliver what they're originally dreaming and then it can go up and everybody dies. It makes it all the more horrible when things do."

First Published: May 01, 2015 14:25 IST